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Apr 18, 2019
Jun 30, 2009
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Rochester, NY
Audio Engineer

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Ultra Member, from Rochester, NY

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pbusardo was last seen:
Apr 18, 2019
    1. debb
      watching your vid now...can.t post there..just wanted to tell you I searched for the hole tiny...and I did burn one of my cartos....great review..:)
    2. Moofaso
      PB you are absolutely HILARIOUS ! Thanks for all the awesome videos and all the smiles you are bringing our way, UDAMAN !
    3. Loveridden
      Sweet Quick Nic review!! Enigma is one of my favs, you should try it again, it seems different flavors come out later! To me it's more chocolate and caramel with some vanilla, and something else too, maybe a cream, maybe a marshmallow...sometimes that vanilla comes out more than other times. Everyone seems to describe it a little differently, that's why its called Enigma! Btw have you ever tried Johnson Creek's Solstice? It is watermelon, honeydew & mint and also a fav of mine....I'm not sure if I told you about it when you were looking for watermelon...its not straight watermelon but its SO good (in my opinion). Also if you haven't check out PBdragon's watermelon flavor! Great ending of the vid too LOL nice hat!
    4. Running Wolf
      Running Wolf
      Awesome videos. Thanks for being here and sharing your knowledge.
    5. Loveridden
      Your reviews are my favorite!!! Just caught one yesterday comparing Juicy Vapor's French Toast to The Vapor Room's French Toast - was curious about this as I love Juicy Vapor's and I have The Vapor Room's on the way because it is on sale! Perfect timing for seeing that video lol! Your vids rock, thanks!!
    6. Jewls
      Love your videos! Keep them coming!
    7. pbusardo
      Thanks! I went to RIT as well!
    8. nysfinest318
      Hey PB, love your vids! Very informative and unbiased. I see your in Rochester, NY...I went to RIT. Used to live Rustic Village out on W.Henrietta Road. Keep the good vids comin'!
    9. pbusardo
      Thanks so much Jibba. Glad you guy are all enjoying the reviews. Funny thing that Lou stuff. I also get mistaken for Brad Pitt and George Clooney on occasion. I happens.
    10. Jibba73
      I absolutely enjoyed them all. Funny, but I can tell you worked in the entertainment industry just by your naturally friendly demeanor and humorous mannerisms. In fact, I was showing my Mom and Brother your videos while I was there mowing the grass today. My brother concurs that you look a lot like Lou.. and said that your videos are even entertaining to someone who doesn't vape and has never smoked! AND he loved your Crab Juice review!!
    11. pbusardo
      HEY ABBOTT!! Thanks Jibba! Hope you enjoyed all (or at least most) of them!!
    12. Jibba73
      Hey Phil (Lou Costello's long lost cousin). Love the videos of course. I have to say that I found your vids 2days ago, and yesterday I sat and watched every... single... video on your YT page consecutively. Great stuff... BingHammy on YT, jibba73 here, Timothy Paige on FB.
    13. pbusardo
      Thanks everyone! I really appreciate the comments!!
    14. icy
      I love your reviews.
    15. Lisa66
      Your video reviews are just right... really entertaining and yet straight to the point and packed with info. I love the pricing chart. Keep them coming!
    16. classwife
      Fantastic videos !
    17. Raynen
      Your video reviews rock!! :laugh: I love the crab mod but I wouldn't go NEAR that juice! :vapor: Happy vaping!
    18. visitlynn
      Happy 2 year anniversary!
      Very, very cool. :)
      Congrats and thanks for your wonderful videos. I've learned a lot from you... and your helpful and fun teaching style makes my vaping life easier and more enjoyable. I wonder how many hundreds (or thousands) of folks you've had a positive impact on as well?
      Best and happy weekend eve,
    19. HeatherC
      Don't know if you've seen but we are planning a meet-up in rochester...(ok really it's in henrietta) for January 29th at about 2pm with a 10$ gift exchange....bring a dish to pass and BYOB and stuff like that.......but the thread for discussion on this is here
      We would love to have you as well. If you decide you can make it you should PM Zen for directions to the meet location
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    Rochester, NY
    Audio Engineer
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    I'm pretty cool.

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    Taste in juice and devices is subjective! Whatever works to keep you off analog cigarettes is the best juice or device out there!

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