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Last Activity:
Apr 26, 2022
Sep 20, 2009
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Northern California
Food demo and sales.

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Vaping Master, from Northern California

Verified Member ECF Veteran
plantlvr was last seen:
Apr 26, 2022
    1. TwistedInFresno
      Hi Kim, I was looking through my old messages, and saw yours about vapemeets, that you sent me last July. I know this is kinda late, but i wanted to let you know that we are planning a really informal gathering in Fresno, on World Vaping Day, March 22nd There will be a juice vendor (Bryan, from Highbrow Vapors) with lots of samples to try... I sent a message to the new brick and mortar store in Modesto too; we'll see if they reply. If you're interested, let me know and I'll send you details.

    2. Glam
      Happy 2012 to you, plantlvr. Hope it is a good year for you.
    3. Mary Kay
      Mary Kay
      That's on my wish list for My birthday! Did you get the kindle fire? (color)? I don't care about that but Mike wants it for magazines on-line.
    4. GreyLion
      I haven't really started yet at all! Placed my first orders this morning.

      My son-in-law got a GreenSmoke kit and I took some hits off of it a month ago, and a lightbulb went off in my head. Smoking analog is becomng physically intolerable for me. But I feel *wrong* without some nicotine bouncing around inside my brain.

      So -- rather than jsimply buy a kit like his, I set aside time this weekend to do some research -- work has been too intense for me to do it sooner. ...And a whole new world filled with shiny toys, arcane knowledge, and interesting complexity is opening up...

      I know this might not be a thing that works out for me, but I'm MUCH more optimistic about it than gum, patches, quitting warm and cold turkey, etc. They all felt like drudgery throughout. I think vaping is gonna be a blast, and am optmistic that it may provide a path for quitting tobacco totally, though I'm trying to not have too many expectations.

      And -- congrats on your analog quit! :toast:
    5. GreyLion
      Thanks, plantlvr!

      ECF is really looking like a great bunch of people. I look forward to hanging out with you! :)
    6. Glam
      Hi Kim: Happy you came by. I am very well, and hope this messages finds you the same. Most exciting thing in my life....Anita is making me some tanks..she has them perfected (her own creation) so they don't leak. I am excited to try them. Should get them sometime next week.

      Kids and grandkids are doing well, all looking forward to coming here for Thanksgiving so I can cook my ... off...been doing that every year for 30 years, and I love it. Until clean up time anyway.

      Hope you have a good Thanksgiving also. Hugs to you for thinking of me.
    7. wv2win
      Glad you liked the Santana clip! As you can tell, I like music that will get me up on my feet. My favorite is probably The Commitments: Treat Her Right (I think the ladies like the message, too, lol)
    8. Glam
      Hi Kim: I came back to the forum......all the support and friendship offers via p.m.--decided that was too valuable to give up. I posted on chat thread. I will see you around the forum. And I appreciate your kind words.
      Hugs to you--glad to be back.
    9. Glam
      P.S. I showed your avatar to my husband--he said to tell you that you were a woman after his own heart. He loved it.
    10. Glam
      Hi Kim: I got my envelope today in the mail. Thank you so much--even adding extra goodies. I use mints and menthols 98% of time so much appreciation!! Having this contest was a creative and fun thing to do. Thanks again. I will think of you every time I vape one of my new cartos.

    11. Glam
      Hey, if we do decide to do a grab bag or something similar, count me in.

    12. Glam
      Plantlvr: I had a great (maybe)idea: I have a quart baggie full of juices that I have bought and do not like. So you tell me what flavors you like to vape, and I will go through them and see if there is anything there close to what you like. I would be happy to send them to you if there are any flavors in there that you vape. Please let me know. Thanks, Teresa
    13. Glam
      Love being your friend......thanks for asking. I have 2 dumped cats (sisters) that were found on a farmer's front porch as tiny tiny kittens. Now they are 8 years old and a big part of our lives. So, as one cat (and plants also) lover to another, see you around the forum.
    14. boxhead
    15. ChristopherMaguire
      hey ya she would love one especially a pink one my addy is 1339 stellar way mount shasta CA 96067
    16. jdvorr
      Thanks for the friend add. I love ypour avatar as it looks just like my cat "Dupa"! I posted that in a thread somewhere, but don't know if you saw it. :)
    17. Jules22871
      Thanks for the compliment on my doggie. He's a momma's boy! I'd be lost without him. I have a gray kitty that looks just like your white one!
    18. Flowersoul
      Ah dang, I went out yesterday and really took a look at the damage the frost incurred. II have to take everything down to the ground level. Good thing here in Florida, most come back, but still not sure of that since the freeze was so prolonged. Do you garden a lot outside, or are you a mostly indoor gardener?
    19. Flowersoul
      Oh, I absolutely love my Brugs......a lot of them froze back even with the protection....too many nights of freeze temps. I got a lot of mine through friends at Dave's Garden. Do you know that site.....amazing info and I've been a member there since 2003. They do a lot of swaps and if you find a group in your area, they'll have a gathering to swap new cuttings......There are groups everywhere in the US and abroad.
    20. jlmanno
      Kim, Thank you again for your kindness and generosity, it is appreciated, Have a blessed new year! Joe
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  • About

    Northern California
    Food demo and sales.
    I'm a happily single woman

    Plants, reading, cooking, and now vaping!


    Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened.
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