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May 26, 2021
Sep 20, 2009
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Northern California
Food demo and sales.

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Vaping Master, from Northern California

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plantlvr was last seen:
May 26, 2021
    1. AngeLsLuv
      What I don't understand is that being that you have proof they received it before the warrentee ended, there is no reason they can get away with saying you didn't get it back to them in time... I mean sure they want to cover their ...' and try to screw with people since they are a rotten company but still.. Only problem with sueing them is the cost.. Maybe a class action suit??
    2. AngeLsLuv
      Holy xxxx!!! Of course they will try to say that they didn't receive it in the trial period.. I'll do just that, type in google about it.. I swear these companys are created just to screw with people.. ggggrrrr....
    3. AngeLsLuv
      Did you get anywhere with SE???
    4. BohNeR
      Thanks a lot :)
    5. Adrenalynn
      Hiya, Plantlvr

      Just down the road a'piece. I'm in Folsom. Well, not IN Folsom... I reside in the town of Folsom - more clear? ;)

      The vaping is working all well for me too, thanks! I don't have to go out in this wicked-cold weather we're having (Snow, in Folsom?!?!) for my self-imposed smoking exhile, and as a runner and competitive cyclist (I know, weird, huh?) - I'm already seeing massive times shaved off my training runs.

      Thanks again for your note!
    6. AngeLsLuv
      Hahaha Your Ex Husband!!! I'm glad I never married, I just lived with guys for years.. No legal bull**** .. always thought that a person doesn't need a piece of paper to be with someone.. Easier to divide the towels when you break up *LOL*
    7. AngeLsLuv
      Hihi.. You can call me Jules or whatever, but AngelsLuv is my full name so to speak.. Well full-moniker, sounds so formal *LOL*..

      Free goodies with a vapor4life?? oh!!! now you've got me thinking *LOL* .. SE=Smoking Everywhere.. Yikes!!!! I've heard alot about them via this forum and afew others... You've kissed your $$$ good-bye... With $100 you could have gotten a stick (and those use 1040 recharge batterys you can buy anywhere).. geez.....

      I love cats, I've had alot of them through the years.. At one point I had 12 at once.. Was actually easier.. the more you have the older ones control the younger ones *LOL* Too many in fact..

      Right now I have 6- Cleosopheles, Rhiannon, Orpheus, Sparky, Simka, Sissy- don't ask me how I got all the "S"'s... They are brats but they are always so cute you want to squeeze their cheeks all the time *LOL*
    8. AngeLsLuv
      Hiya's plantlvr, You quit completely?? Whooo-Hooo!! I had but then got stressed and started afew ciggies a day, plus a Hookah *LOL* I have so much nicotine in me I'm flying *LOL*... How are the Vapor Kings?? No one really mentions them that I've seen.. Afew of us are seeing that some companies don't want to settle problems and give refunds or at least replacements.. Who's SE?? If they are on the forum as a decent supplyer.. Start screaming and complaining on their suppliers part of the forum... Raise Hell!!!
    9. AngeLsLuv
      Hi plantlvr, Welcome to the forum.. I am on this one and another one over -----> there... I've been vaping since May, but it took me awhile to start it since I took months looking at all the models to pick a nice one to try... I have afew 510's and a Janty Stick and adore them...
    10. ladysolitary85
      Not for very long only for two weeks, and stuck with the SE model :-(
    11. ladysolitary85
      Hey there! I'm from Modesto! small world even in a forum of thousands of people!
    12. brownbrown4
      $60 a week? damn thats tons of money... over $3000 a year...

      yes work is pretty good. i enjoy going in everyday, because there's something new.
      i'd like to stay in for 20. but i dunno. i have ulcertive colitis, and it could cause me to get the medical boot... but i'll fight it.
      your doing fine on the puter.. if youd like you can PM me. i think if you click on one of my posts it will give you the option.

      btw. i never answered the Garden shop question u asked.
      i DID load soil, manure and , chicken crap(worst smelling ), cinderblocks, and a butt load of different types of bricks for walkways and yards.
      but i had to learn everything about plant feeding, watering ect. then i had to learn about pool supplies and chemicals. then we put together lawn furniture and grills .... it was cool though.. tought me about hard work and knowledge together
    13. brownbrown4
      omg, i didnt see your post on my profile in FOREVER! im soo soo sorry.
      please tell me how you like the manual VK. because i have a kr808-1, but its not manual. im back on the VK now. i put the 510 on the back burner.
      oh watch the addiction to ecigs!! you wanna try and stay right side up on the savings, lol, like a car loan. then you can say your "really" saving $
      At my Base: i'm an "AT" (aviation electronics tech). i work on radio and radar systems for f-18's. cool radar systems that make the bad guys think the jet is farther, closer than they are. BUT my current job is Instructor. so i train young sailors and marines in said radar maintence. (like testing them on a test bench and finding bad circuit cards or componets then replacing them.) i've been in the Navy for 10 years on OCT 25th! ugh time flies.
      sorry about your poppa. He really did a lot of good for the world in both jobs. wish i could say i was that productive for our planet! looks like i have work to do.
      ttyl kim
      Vr Jeff
    14. circeseye
      cool a neighbor. im glad you went with the vk and love it. im getting more and more people on it so pass the word :)
    15. brownbrown4
      hows it going ?!
      btw did i mention i used to work in a garden shop?? lol
    16. brownbrown4
      hope you got my pm.... page loading issues... i'll resend...
      Vr BB
    17. Mary Kay
      Mary Kay
      You are more then welcome! So many people were kind to me..I want to pass it on. I hope you are lucky enough to be able to welcome and help other new people. This is a wonderful place to make a difference in people's lives! Come play with us in the Women's Room! Mary Kay
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  • About

    Northern California
    Food demo and sales.
    I'm a happily single woman

    Plants, reading, cooking, and now vaping!


    Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened.
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