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Apr 10, 2012
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wherever my daydreams take me

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~Resident daydreamer~, Female, from wherever my daydreams take me

ECF Veteran
    1. Ardo
      I'm happy that I found your thread, thank you again for that. How could I not like that?!:D Impossible:)
      It's nice to have a friend like you. Love and peace:)
    2. beckyblue
    3. Cyric
      Thanks for the well wishes, They are much appreciated!! You are always so awesome and uplifting always makes my day a little better reading your posts!
    4. obsidianchao
      Pri, you're fabulous, okay
    5. RedhatPat
      {{{{hugs}}}} oh bless you! SO much Pri, I can feel your words so healing to me! And beautiful, Oh how beautiful! THANK YOU so much for sharing your beauty and inspirational free thought with me {{hugs}} Thank you so much for a friends request! I {{{hugs}}} You have given birth to a beautiful area of the internet and we are all your children oh, We LOVE you so much please be healthy & happy in life, big respect to you & every one of your friends! Thank you again for the giraffee pictures and eeyore, you are apart of our lives now bless you! xoxoxo
    6. 100%VG
      Hello Sweet Pri,

      Thanks for the Birthday wishes. I Love You!!! :wub:
    7. tiggerrts
      Thank you sweet one {{{{hugs}}}} You are truly the guardian angel of the ECF forum. {{hugs and kisses}}
    8. Sandiej02
      Thank you my Dear Friend ... hope "all is well" with you. Hugs Always! :)
    9. Reddhott
      luv ya!!!!
    10. Striker911
      Oh, I was just saying that its my avi so its not going anyplace. One less shot last night and I might have made more sense. Sorry about that .
    11. Striker911
      It is your picture. Like the other one as well. Not sure how the other one disappeared but its locked down every time I post. :D
    12. Tuck
      So what do you vape with ? And what type of jooses do you like?
      I have a vamo and 2 silver bullets. I use sweet jooses my fav is Butterscotch from MT Baker.
    13. Tuck
      Tjhank you very much. Your message sure made me smile and have a warm fuzzy. Have you been on ECF long? Pif is my fav form to watch.
    14. Striker911
      That was really nice of you to send me that Jimi Hendrix picture. It inspired me to make this for you. Hope you like it. Your welcome to do anything you want with it. Would make a nice wrap maybe. If you need any editing done, let me know.
    15. CcaT
    16. Lauralie
      Thank you sweetie! Had a cold for a bit and then I could just tell it was more........Feeling even better today!

    17. priorities
      {{{{{hugs}}}} friends..have you all in my thoughts and those with troubles in my prayers...PC is not working at all hardly ..really bad this morning ..have not been able to get anywhere or do a thing .going to keep working on making it move for me..*.take good care*..lots of love to you all ~ Pri xxooxox
    18. chellemmm
      I like your avi, too! I have been reading some of your posts and you seem like an angel! My pup's name is BUTCH and he is glad I quit the stinkies, too!
      {{hugs back}}} chelle
    19. burns_erin
      Aww, thanks! {{{{hugs}}}}
    20. Reddhott
      love ya!!!!

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    wherever my daydreams take me
    ~Life and day at a time~every 'sweet' little moment.....any moment that makes you smile, feel warmth , see beauty no matter how's there for just a 'moment........stop and enjoy it....feel it...remember it.....*
    "Wherever there is a human being, there is an opportunity for a kindness." ~Seneca
    "No one can make you feel inferior without 'your consent' " ~ Eleanor Roosevelt



    We only have this moment, sparkling like a star in our hand and melting like a snowflake ~Marie Ray

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