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Aug 29, 2014
Nov 21, 2009
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Brunswick, MD
Telecommunications tech

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Vaping Master, from Brunswick, MD

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Aug 29, 2014
    1. wickedalibi
      oh can you send me a link for the totally wicked attys that you like?? I got paypal cash burning a hole in my pocket!!!!
    2. wickedalibi
      I ordered a Vmodxl today too.
    3. wickedalibi
      I got my lil mama tank today. I tried one of the short prepunched cartos that you sent me, and I have a few suggestions. I had to put a bigger hole in it. I just stuck the pin from my saddle valve in the original hole, tightened it down, the screwed the punch all the way down. It checks out at 1.6 oohms. I am vaping frisco in it @ 3.6 volts. tastes a little better than the DC's and more vapor production. That carto is a little short. The DC's that I use in my Big daddy stick up about 1/4" above the tank, these ones don't stick up hardly at all. I have seen some XL (extra long) single coil cartos that might work better. Going to try and take some pictures for ya.
      Love Ya
    4. CaptJR
      Hi again,
      I am getting pretty curiouse about bottom feeding and the Vmod looks very good. Not to big, and videos I have seen say good things about it. Can you point me to a thread or something that will tell me a little more. Other questions like... How do you know when to feed it. How do I know how much to feed it so as not to over feed. What kind of cartomizers does it use. etc. Thank you.
    5. wickedalibi
      How did your meet up go?? I just looked at all of the pictures on the white rose site and they look fun!! Next time I come out to visit I am going to make sure it is when one is going on!! Did you get a pm from me with a list of DIY stuff that I am going to get?? Love Ya
    6. wickedalibi
      ok getting the vmod XL cause of price and I can use my 18650 batteries with it and LR attys. I am going into DIYing full force. A liter of PG, VG, and 60mg PG base. Beakers, pipettes, syringes and bottles. Buying all of that I still have quite a bit of cash left for flavoring. Going to stick to mostly tobacco flavors at first cause there aren't many other flavors that I like to vape. Can you recommend some? No hurry my tax refund won't be here for awhile yet anyway.
      Your Vapemeet will be great. Don't stress too much!!! You are doing all the hard work and people will appreciate it. If they don't tell them to shut the .... up and let them do the next one. Or just have em come talk to me!!!
    7. wickedalibi
      Where did you get your base nicotine liquid when you were doing DIY??
    8. HolaAmigos
      You are so SWEET, thank you for everything :)

      Happy Holidays !!!
    9. wickedalibi
      hey I made a lanyard for my provari I posted a thread about so I could post a picture of it. If you like it I can make ya one but I will need some measurements from your joker.
      love ya
    10. wickedalibi
      Hey let me know when you try those FSUSA liquids. Tell me if you think they still taste like chemicals. People rave about their juice and I think they are .....
    11. wickedalibi
      hey I have 5 new 1.5 ohm dc cartos and a couple of sample sized juices. Do you want em??? or should I put them on PIF??
    12. wickedalibi
      So did ya try anything cool?? I didn't know that they made jello shots for e cigs. LOL I found one drawback with the Provari..Ya can't use 1.5 ohm DC carts with it. The automatic protection cuts out cause it goes over 2.5 amps. So I ordered some smoketech 2.0 & 2.5 DC for my tank they should be here tomorrow we'll see.
    13. wickedalibi
      I have no idea what I am getting the kiddos for Christmas, going to have Christmas Late with Codee and Taterz. Yeah after Christmas, when I figure out exactly what wattage I like I am going to get a mechanical bottom feeder. Does your new Frisco taste wierd?? Mine came in small blue bottles and when I ordered it there was no pg/vg preference.
    14. wickedalibi
      The vapor room vanilla custard is to die for!!!
    15. wickedalibi
      Here are the flavors I tried. caramel candy, vanilla extreme, sweet n' sour, almond ameretto, pina colada, colorado bulldog, fat tire, catalan cream, fresh cream, whipped cream, vienna cream. Irish cream and cranberry weren't too bad and I haven't tried vanilla extreme yet. I let ya know about the Provari tomorrow.
    16. wickedalibi
      got a bunch of new flavors from freedom smoke, the are a 50/50 mix got new attys also (lr 1.80 ohm dripping atty and a 306 lr from digital ciggz) I am figuring out the ohm, atty, volt thing.kinda. Tried all the new juice on the mod box with a new 510 lr atty...well that was the wrong atty for a 5v everything tasted like toasted atty. The Chuck's atty connection is shot so I just pm'd Jeff to see where and when to send it. The big daddy tank with 1.5 dual coil regular atty on the mod box is great. Still on the first carto so far so good. I vape about 7 mls a day and the tank and carto hold a little over 5, so it lasts most of the day. My Provari will be here in the morning thank god! I like the flavor and the vape from the chuck the best. All the flavors I got tase like crap on the mod box and a lr. I am saving them to see if they taste any better on the provari. You May end up with them, could the bad taste be the vg?? You need to figure out how you made Brandi's MIx!
      Love Ya
    17. wickedalibi
      How you liking the 357???
    18. wickedalibi
      went and checked my big daddy tank was in there......It doesn't fit the dam chuck but I put it on the mod works great no leaks. but it makes the juice taste way different and the drip tip gets really hot. think I am tasting the carto filler we'll just see.
    19. wickedalibi
      2nd day so far so good.....But I am paranoid about the chuck or all of my atty's going to hell all at once. I gave up on the Buzz pro who knows how long it will take to get the one I want so I went all in and ordered a Provari, extra attys, and cartos for it. Then a Big Daddy tank and extra cartos for that also. It all should be here in a week. Now I have no dollars left for liquid. HAHAHA I still have about 45 mls of frisco left and about 25 mls of frost also hope it lasts until I can order more. Where is the best place to try samples??? I hear that I might be able to go down to 24mg from 35mg on the Provari. Anyway I'll keep ya posted. Love ya
    20. wickedalibi
      How did the vape meet go?? I am going to order a big daddy tank and see how it goes. I have to wait until after November 5th to get the right color end caps for the buzz that I want. Everything that I want seems to be out of stock. Today is my first day totally analog free. Kiss Maddie for me and beat Josh. Love ya
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    Brunswick, MD
    Telecommunications tech
    I love psychobilly music!

    video gaming & golfing


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