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Last Activity:
Oct 20, 2021
Aug 14, 2012
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Dayton, Ohio
Clerk at an E-Cig B&M

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Vaping Master, from Dayton, Ohio

ECF Veteran
Rocketpunk was last seen:
Oct 20, 2021
    1. Butters78
      I'm alive bro no worries! Heh
    2. goodoleboy45
      Just wanted to drop in an say hey neighbor. I`m just south of you by Middletown Ohio
    3. patkin
      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Rocketpunk.

    4. patkin
      Happy Thanksgiving Rocketpunk.:)
    5. Rickajho
      Dude, I just can't get used to that new avatar pic. lol!
    6. beckyblue
      It was a solo romance reference you edited out:laugh:. :toast: on the evening beverages. And don't sweat any pop-ins on the game, random though they may be. You're always more than welcome on any thread I murder my time in:2cool:!
    7. beckyblue
      There's musical, um, jollies (hey, you changed your HHV post:glare:) aplenty in the song-chain thread. Just sayin':vapor:...
    8. Steeler Girl
      Steeler Girl
      Nice to "meet" you Billy, I'm Cynsonya (Sonya). I might just do that one day! I love filet, lol.

      I have a bunch of gadgets. I started with V2 so I have quite a few of those (16 to be exact) 2 Volts, 1 kGo VV, 1 eGo twist, 1 Vamo, 1 VV Gripper and 1 Smoktech Groove. I use Vivi's, T3's, carto tanks and reg cartos. Do have a few Stardusts but they are my least favorite delivery system.

      As for juice I have a ton as most of us do. My MAIN adv's are Black Honey frm VapeDudes ad RY4 from Mr. E. Liquid. I have about 60 flavors I switch around too. Well who am I kidding, probably 10 in rotation and 50 in a box I never pull out:) I did just try MBV for the first time this week and think Moo Juice might just take #3 slot.

      What about you?
    9. Steeler Girl
      Steeler Girl
      Hi! Thanks for the friend request. Actually do go to VaporCast quite often. We were like stalkers waiting for them to open that b&m! Driving by every other day, lol. We are practically neighbors:)
    10. Rocketpunk
      I am male.
    11. beckyblue
      Early April Fool's sayin' no youtube Mango?

    12. steved5600
      I was wanting to give out a Christmas wish/blessing/greeting. Something special and found this today and it touched my heart and wanted to pass it on. I take no credit for it I'm just passing it on.
      While this mentions a particular faith the idea I feel is universal. It's called
      Emptiness, Troubled Times and Christmas
      Here is a link: Emptiness, Troubled Times and Christmas «

      In the spirit of the movie "Pass it on" think of the math of this type of Christmas gift.
      God bless and Pass it on.
    13. Syav
    14. capnjack98
      Did you pick up Mists of Pandaria yet?! :D
    15. Rocketpunk
      Fire the Laser Beam!
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  • About

    Dayton, Ohio
    Clerk at an E-Cig B&M
    I am a liberal conservative. I like NPR. I like stand-up comedy. I like anything with rocketships, zap guns, and bug-eyed monsters. I love anything science-related. I have two guinea pigs. I am an amalgam of Louis C.K., Dwight Schrute, Ron Swanson, and George Costanza. But I look like Walter White. (Also, I'm a dude).

    Old pulp space opera, my Kindle Fire, reading, writing, Batman, being a nerd, and vaping.


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