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Mar 12, 2017
Jan 6, 2012
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December 21
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San Francisco, CA
Game Producer and Creator of Lusternia

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Super Member, from San Francisco, CA

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Mar 12, 2017
    1. 100%VG
      Hey RockinRobbie,

      Love your YouTube Videos. Very clear shots, very informative and helpful. I picked the Vivi Nova in what is supposed to be the V3, and found your Rebuild Videos very helpful. Gotta try Cotton now!

      BTW... there ARE newer versions out now that have addressed the (+) post issue, and I think the plastic tube is of higher quality now, too. There are a few things that have been improved, so I guess I was lucky to get this one, instead of an earlier model.

      I Love this Tank, but since there is not a Glass Tube that can be made to fit it (at least not affordably, according to OCD at IBTanked), I have come up with a design that I am trying to get to Vision which is a rebuild of the Internals, including the Atomizer Case, Tower Post, and Top Cover, so the Top and Bottom can Screw together internally and hold a Glass Tube securely.

      If you haven’t already seen the ECF Post, please check it out and let me know what you think.

    2. ShogaNinja
      Hey Rob,

      Hope everything's good with you. I haven't talked to in a while. Yeah, I know I still need to get your an outtro song for your vids. I'm all over it. Have your people call my people! :)

      Here's a shot of Conan for you.
    3. Tolver
      Love the picture of Spock smoking at the end of your E2 Review.
    4. jshat
      Hey man just wondering if you have plans to release a vid on rewick/recoil an apollo e2. Your vids are the most understandable out there. <3 Davon had a live stream for it but honestly I'd rather have one from you ^.^
    5. MDO1265
      Hey Robbie.... Just wanted to let ya know that I checked out your stardust vids and it answered my newb questions and steered me towards rebuilding a couple Vision Clearos. Of course I used some stolen parts from a 510 DCC but hey.... when in a pinch and your fav gear is lacking... ya do what ya gotta do. Sorry to interupt you, just saw your name on the Gotvapes forumn as I checked out from getting their new stuff

      Be well
    6. prateus
      Hey Robbie/Bob.

      How are you doing? I wanted to thank you for doing your video on the starfdust. You saved me atleast 60-100$ on buying a repairable atomizer. I have made my own atomizers before, but also felt they did not perform as well as the pre purchased ones. I also always burned myself with the solder iron as I just jumped right into it, without learning proper use of flux ect.

      Your way is GREAT. I have already shown a few friends, waiting for our supplier canvape to get them, they were here in january but our stupid GOV. up here in canada sent a box of 2000 stardusts back to china claiming they could have residual nicotine on them or in them or something.

      Anyhoo just wanted to give you props and point out the solderless is a plus. also.

      4$ 5$ wick and wire DIY Atomizer

      It says 100metres but I think they mean 10metres.


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    December 21
    Home Page:
    San Francisco, CA
    Game Producer and Creator of Lusternia


    Check out the vaping videos on my Youtube Channel.
    You can also visit me in the virtual world of Lusternia!
    Live Long and Vape!
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