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Nov 22, 2013
Mar 18, 2010
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Beaverton, Oregon!

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Vaping Master, from Beaverton, Oregon!

ECF Veteran
Rosa was last seen:
Nov 22, 2013
    1. classwife
    2. Sainted_S
      Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations on your year.
    3. AnalogsNoMore
      Have a happy St.Patricks day...
    4. BrettsHealth
      Thanks for your help
    5. Kolie
      You are so helpful to a newbie like me!! All of your posts are so informative and friendly :)
    6. Vindicated777
      Hello Rosa,

      Just wanted to say you're awesome...always replying to threads with the utmost help! Thanks!!!
    7. LastoftheBreed
      Thanks for the heads up on FreedomSmokeUSA Rosa. Got my samples this evening and absolutely love their stuff! Best part is the fact that it's 50/50 and has great throat hit. I'm afraid I have a slight PG allergy, so am hoping cutting down on percentage will help. So far it fits every bill.

      That and the fact they're from my old home town is a big perk!

      Thanks again!
    8. AnalogsNoMore
      Hi Rosa,
      I've read many of your posts on the new members section and found them very informative. I was first drawn to your thread because of your mothers name is Rosa. I was also drawn by your avatar, very beautiful! Don't laugh but I even started one of my first posts, "I think I'm in love with Rosa's avatar." No worries, I'm harmless. Just wanted to say hi...
      It's the Oregonian friendliness in me. Vape on...
    9. loden813
      tashe delek Rosa!
      Have noticed thru multiple posts, that you are really a big fan of the ego system. Almost a month into vaping with no analogs since, I wonder about my rigs - GreenSnmoke (stop laughing!!), and V2. Both kits have the same batt types with carts, tho I do add flavors once the old ones once they are empty, which saves me even more.
      What am I missing out on the ego? Vapor, flavor consis., or more importantly, SAVINGS?
      I think you know what you are talking about, and hope that you can enlighten me! Feel as tho I am missing out on this!
      thank you for taking the time to read my request, and may you be in peace!
      ps kinda like the looks of the ego :)
    10. Jennie O
      Jennie O
      I found it...just thought there was an actual .com.....thanks! LOL
    11. Jennie O
      Jennie O
      Hi there! May I ask where you get the siggy banners and do they auto update? Thanks!
    12. PoliticallyIncorrect
      Where ya been, Rosa? I thought you'd fallen off the end of the Earth—or worse, off the wagon and back into cigarettes. Welcome back!
    13. Seabrook
      Rosa!!! Welcome back. I have wondered where you disappeared too. So happy to see you're okay. You have always been such a help to we newbs and give such good advice. You were missed, so once again, welcome back.
    14. Ryan Toupal
      Ryan Toupal
      Tell me about it after the drive, I feel like I want to make a painting of the state. The waves crashing on the rock points of the coast, the tall trees, the golden sunshine of the Wilamette valley, the rugged mountains, the dry desert with painted hills, then the rolling green hills and valleys of eastern oregon.
    15. Ryan Toupal
      Ryan Toupal
      Hey, Oregon Trail? Can't wait to get back : )
    16. lorikay13
      hehehe..Atheist Vapers....Love it! Just wondering if your still interested in the Oregon Trail group???
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    Beaverton, Oregon!
    I don't believe in "true love"

    I like ECF, e.e. cummings and the unexplained.
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