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Jan 1, 2010
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South GA

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ECF Guru, Female, from South GA

Verified Member ECF Veteran

gadget queen Aug 27, 2019

    1. magentaman
      At the Vapemeet?
    2. Hearts2412
      Hello Back Sweetheart{{{{{Hugs}}}}}

      Hope you had a good day at work and Wishing you a Calm and Relaxing Evening!!!!!

      {{{{{{{{Soft Bear Hugs}}}}}}}} Hearts[​IMG]
    3. Hearts2412
      Hello sweetie,

      Just wanted to pop in and say I miss you and have a very relaxing wonderful evening!!!!!

      {{{{{{{{Big Bear Hugs}}}}}}}} Hearts[​IMG]
    4. Hearts2412
      Oh my gosh, I can't believe I posted the same pic twice!!! I love that pic and now everyone will think i'm crazy :(
      For you, a different one. xoxoxoxo Mona[​IMG]
    5. Hearts2412
      Hi sweetie {{{{{Hugs}}}}},

      I do hope you are feeling much better, are you? I've missed you since you've been sick :( I pretty much had to stay off line the last two day's because Friday morning I woke up and could not see very well. I do have Glycoma, so i'm going to call my eye Dr and see if I can get in to see him. We really should have a chat on the phone one of these days. Really sweet friend of mine, I do hope your feeling much better!!!!!

      {{{{{Big Bear Hugs}}}}} Mona[​IMG]
    6. Hearts2412
      Good morning sweet heart,

      Hope all is going well with you!!! I haven't heard from you, is everything okay? I've missed you, but have thought about you everyday!!!!! :) I'm still loving my Twist so much!!!!! :) :)
      Please write or call me and we can chat. I will send you a pm with my number. Miss you sweetie!!!
      You have a Wonderful day and I hope we will talk soon!!!!

      {{{{{Hugs}}}}} Hearts[​IMG]
    7. Hearts2412
      Good morning sweetie!!

      Hope your morning has been going well! I've been trying for the last couple of hours to get a real pretty morning pic in your message and I guess i'm just not good at it. I just don't know why I can't do it, a couple of day's ago I actually was able to get a pic to go into a message and this time it didn't work :(
      I don't see you on line, but maybe we can chat later on. Missing you! Take care!!

      {{{{{Big Huggins}}}}} Hearts
    8. Hearts2412
      Hey sweetie,

      Things really aren't going so great, I just want to have a good cry!!!!! :'( The 2 clearomizers that I have, are getting blazing hot by the third vap and I just got those in on Saturday. I bought a Vi Vi Nova from Got Vapes and it didn't work at all, right out of the box!! On the site, they spoke so highly about it, so that's why I bought it. I pretty much can't vap and it's making me nuts, because I used to be a chain smoker, now i'm a chain vaper. I have no analogs (haven't for 8 days) and pretty much no vaping hardware now :'( I do have valiums though. I just want to cry!!!!! :'(
      How's everything going with you?

      {{{{{VERY BIG HUGS}}}}} Hearts
    9. Hearts2412
      :angel: Hope your having a Wonerful Saturday!!!! :)

      {{{{{BIG HUGS}}}}} Hearts
    10. Hearts2412
      Good morning Good morning Good morning ***Have a BEAUTIFUL DAY!!!!! :angel::)
    11. rosesense
      Thank you all for the birthday wishes. Was a good day today.
    12. YoureFired
      Happy Birthday, Rosesense. You've been such a helpful and genuine person since I've known you on ECF, and I consider myself very fortunate to be in your good graces. Thank you.
    13. charmed412
    14. jperk95
      Right on, I seem to see a lot of folks in this part of the world on the forum. Wish we could get a big meet up or a vapor con in the northwest sometime.
    15. Cnizzle
      I did make it. There weren't that many people at all but it was still fun.
    16. rosesense
      It appears Megan is setting up another Tacoma meet in early June. I'll make sure info is posted soon, if it isn't already on here somewhere.
    17. Cnizzle
      I'm game for sure! Missed the last one because of Divorce drama but all is better now and I will be there.
    18. Tasselhoff
      Thanks Rosesense. I hope life has been treating you well . Congrat's on your 1 year smoke free!!!!:toast::toast::toast::banana::banana::banana:
    19. Cnizzle
      Hey Rose!
      Sorry, it's been a while since I've visited the ECF. I'm hanging in there. However, someone stole my pv this weekend, now I can't vape :(
      I gave my old 510's to a friend and my ego to my brother, which he lost. Ahhhhh!
    20. M0dM4n :)
      M0dM4n :)
      So whats your fav e-cig? The 6V?
      Where do you go to get good VG juice?
      I have a few places but they kinda stink in the flavor department. . .
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    South GA
    roses, dogs, cats and painting


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