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Running Wolf
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Jun 22, 2013
Nov 22, 2011
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North East Ohio

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Running Wolf

Super Member, from North East Ohio

ECF Veteran
Running Wolf was last seen:
Jun 22, 2013
    1. Rickajho
      Hey buddy! Been quite a while since you last checked in. Still vaping? Shoot me a PM the next time you drop in for a visit.
    2. dragonbone
    3. Cartoon Dude
      Cartoon Dude
      Just saying hey, another NE Ohio vaper here :)
    4. Shonna76
      Kinda nice to see some snow finally tho!! Now it can be spring, lol
    5. Spazmelda
    6. JGD
      Just wanted to say howdy:) I saw one of your convos (with OrthodoxAtheist) and thought we had a lot in common... at least when it comes to our views on region, ect.
    7. maureengill
      I think it's a location thing...there are a lot of people (myself included) that shoot pool around here....

      I'm a big fan of going into local bars and shooting pool. The look on a guys face when you bank 2 in a row to beat him is priceless :)
      I really don't understand why more girls don't shoot pool....
    8. maureengill
      It looks like you're somewhere near my old neighborhood...I lived in Columbus for two years about 5 years ago....
    9. Natalia
      Love the kitty catnip joose pic at GH1!!! :laugh:
      Merry Christmas!!!! :)
    10. Dawn
      Thanks! Between the puppy mills, pet stores that support them and keep them in business, and then the problem with Back Yard Breeders, :glare: we have to spread the word anyway we can, don't we. And thank you for volunteering at the shelter, kudos to you! :)
    11. Karen171
      I know, and it just breaks my heart that they don't all have forever homes. This time of year is sad when people buy puppies and kittens as gifts...then the new wears off and they decide they are disposable. But we do what we can and I know it really helps them.
    12. Karen171
      I totally agree Running Wolf. DH and I volunteer at our humane society and it does the heart good to help out. We have one rescue dog and just wish we could keep more.
      I know you'll keep up the good work. Always know that you are and will be appreciated by those you help.
    13. Karen171
      Just want to show my appreciation by saying thank you for all you do for the animal shelter. Saw your post on the Amazon $100 contest. Great idea to help the dogs and cats that can't help themselves.

      You are truly blessed. :)

    14. frndwthcrppl
      There is currently a lake effect snow advisory here, they are calling for 3-7 inches by tomorrow. I guess it's not too bad all things considered, I doubt I'll see much where I live though because I'm too close to the lake. My guess is that the majority will fall in the snow belt which is south of I-90.
    15. frndwthcrppl
      It is Erie, Pa that I'm from and believe it or not there hasn't been much snow so far, but that's supposed to change today.
    16. OrthodoxAtheist
      Cheers... I sometimes forget it was quite an inspired name, since I get so little kudos from it. :D One of those instances where you rub your hands with glee at your own cleverness, and for a month no-one mentions it, making you wonder if you're just crazy. :D Ah, quite a newbie to ECF I see. New peeps are good. I love seeing this place grow. Spread the good word. :D
    17. Dozer
      I seen you were in NE ohio and was going to ask if you were around Geneva, thats where my ex inlaws are from, I'm located a few miles east of Columbus.
    18. Egrl70
      Thank you so very much =) You too....Now its getting used to what I have coming and getting some more juice to go with it XD..And yup been about a month for me and I counld't beleave how easy I took to this really the only thing so far that has worked =)....and ty again ^^
    19. Zogem
      Nice to see a fan.. this is lifted from my favorite strip..
    20. TomCatt
      Hey there Wolf :D
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    North East Ohio
    A.D.D. when it comes to things. I find something new or a new hobby and run with it.
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