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Running Wolf
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Jun 22, 2013
Nov 22, 2011
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North East Ohio

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Running Wolf

Super Member, from North East Ohio

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Jun 22, 2013
    1. Iffy
      Thanx! I always loved the Snoopy the Vulture strips. I just added the mail truck.

      Yepper, I'm also in da seek n' pounce mode. I have two PVs and some flavorings due in!

      Catch ya on da playground,

    2. Soonerfan
      Just wanted to answer your private message about my Petfinders Adoptions in my sig. I have adopted 2 animals who were rescues. One was a sweet kittie I named Magoo. I had him for about 2 years when he contracted something that the vet never could diagnose. He quit eating and turned jaundiced so I had to put him to sleep. The vet said there was no hope with thousands of dollars and then he probably would die anyway. My other lovebug is a cocker that I adopted about 5 years ago and he is still with me. He is my constant companion. I don't get on here much any more. I will be vaping 1 year soon and have been satisfied with my Reo mods and don't have many questions any longer. Have a great day!
    3. JesNoSmo
      Awww pretty kitties! My Zen was adopted from a farm, the cutest one they had. He's such a nerdy fluffball!
      Anyway, a few reviews I've seen say the ego T is a big fat dud! Kind of disappointing. The one review says why try to improve the ego. And that it's hard to hit. (have you owned it before?) I know next to nothing about either of them but thanks to reviews I'll be tryin the regular old ego. Ordering on payday a few days away. I'm not diggin the tobacco flavors so far. I'm not a menthol person, but I like my fiance's menthol ice better than plain tobacco for these. I do like Mocha though. I did head over to VV and got started on my shopping cart. Pretty sure I'm going to be a big dessert vaper. Mmmmmmm french toast!!! lol
    4. JesNoSmo
      Thank you so much for that info. I'm definitely going to check out Virigin Vapors. Heard some good things about them. I think that's a cat in the pic with you? I love kitties :) I have a nerd of a kitten named Zen. He's creamy tan with long hair. Quite a hysterical cat! lol
      Thanks again,
    5. orachel
      Too funny! Me, too! That's about the only major sci fi show that didn't ever catch my attention. Can happily watch the Stargate family of shows for a whole afternoon, or Battlestar, or a ton of others.. but Star Trek... nah. Unless its to make fun of william shatner. ;)
    6. orachel
      lol.. I didn't know you were a Firefly fan! I cried when it was cancelled. Well, not really.. but you get the idea. ;) Good luck in your manhunt for the perfect pv... I know no matter what you get, you'll enjoy it immensely. And you're very very welcome, btw. Happy Trails! rachel
    7. chatter97
      Its a show that is hard for me to have a favorite character, they were so dynamic. Hated GKar for the first season or so and loved Molari, then it switched. All the characters were amazing on that show and so dynamic. It was one of the few shows that understood actions have consecunses and that people change due to what happens to them.
    8. Survivors Mom
      Survivors Mom
      And you're my new best friend! :D Was just having this exact discussion in another thread in the pet forum. You're welcome to read and comment:

      Texas has tried the BSL laws a couple of time recently but they haven't gone anywhere so far. I'll fight tooth and nail against it!!! I bought some land last year and luckily didn't get the original piece of land I wanted because of their vicious breeds list. Even if I didn't have 3 pibbles I wouldn't have bought it just because it stinks!

      Thanks for volunteering at the shelter! You make a difference!
    9. wv2win
      Thanks for the "like". Much appreciated!
    10. bigtiime
      shiny! been a long time fan.
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    North East Ohio
    A.D.D. when it comes to things. I find something new or a new hobby and run with it.
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