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Mar 4, 2015
Dec 6, 2011
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Loganville, GA
Alzheimer's Assisted Living Administator

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Senior Member, from Loganville, GA

ECF Veteran
s3anvap3s was last seen:
Mar 4, 2015
    1. Balthezar
      Hey buddy,
      Long time no communication. I'm trying to get the Peach State Vapers alive again, since something killed the ATL Vapers. Hopefully if we can get enough people talking in there we can get our Manuel meetings going again.

      Hope to see you in there soon.

    2. sl1pg8r
      OH hai! PLEDGE! PLEDGE! lol. THank very much dude!
    3. Balthezar
      In case you haven't heard, Chaos got us a web site already. You need to check it out, buddy:

      We even have chatability, too LOL

      See ya in there

    4. mfraz25
      Had an awesome time getting to know you and your wife. Glad you liked the pomegranate, plenty more of it. Congrats on the big win! Can't wait for the next meet up.
    5. Balthezar
      It was a pleasure to meet you, too. And everyone else that has been so important to making it happen. I thought it was a great success, and I am also looking forward to our next one (but not for a while I think :laugh: need to recoup a bit). My Dad enjoyed it more than I thought he would, and even bought an eGo passthrough like mine, except he got a dud :(. No biggy, it happens. I already e-mailed Todd at Vaperite and let him know, I'm sure he'll get right on it. Still not quite awake yet, but I'll post something in the threads later on, when my brain is working right (still have a nic hangover I think LOL)
      Glad you liked the Boston Cream Pie. Before our next planning meeting I'll have to make up a big batch and fill some of these sample bottles up, and pass it all around. Well, brain not functioning that well, so I'll talk at ya later. Take care and I hope to see you at the next planning session.

      Balthezar (Joe)
    6. wv2win
      Thanks guy for the thoughful message! I really enjoyed meeting you and your wife! I'm looking forward to the next "get together", also.
    7. Nyte
      Twas a pleasure meeting you (and everyone else too!) as well, kind sir! I did have a blast...looking forward to the next one already :)
    8. MikenGA
      Jeezzzz...CHOCOLATE BACON...yuuuuuuuuuuummmmmm......NOT! :glare:

      Funny, I didn't notice 'any screws loose' when we were yakkin last Saturday. :confused: :laugh:

      Chocolate Bacon, eh? I could possibly pry my mind open enough to try least once. We'll see...

      BLUEBERRY FROST - I ran a couple o tanks through my Stardust Cartos yesterday, and it's definitely 'interesting'. Can't say I would ever buy it, but I'm enjoying the chance to try it. THANK YOU!

      The Blueberry flavor fades away after about 10 drags, and the 'frost' leaves an after taste of something like....uhhhhhhhhh...........sorta similar to rubbing alcohol, but not as bitter. I'm thinkin it might be a good 'mixer juice' for some of my other 'less desireables'. We'll soitainly see in the next week or two. :)

      I get up for jury duty in about 4 hours, so I'm outta here for now. Have a great day!
    9. MikenGA
    10. MikenGA
      Hey...THANKS! I agree. It was FUN playing with all y'all! ;)

      I haven't tried your 'Blueberry Frost' yet, but plan to break into it after lunch, while I'm posting my notes about our 'meeting'. I HOPE it's better than that 'Chocolate Maple Bacon Oyster Chitlin' juice you had yesterday!! :laugh:

      So far, I've met 'vapers' TWICE now, and best I can tell, they're ALL kinda 'wacky'...just my kinda folks, and YOU seem to fit right in! :)

      Glad you came yesterday, and look forward to seeing you again. Is your wifey coming to the BIG VAPE in February??
    11. Zogem
      Nice meeting you today.
    12. Balthezar
      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year :)
    13. s3anvap3s
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  • About

    Loganville, GA
    Alzheimer's Assisted Living Administator
    The most semi-interesting man alive. I don't always vape...but when....ah who am I kidding I do always vape.

    Rifles, Handguns, Fishing, Vaping, MW3



    Vape on, Vaper!!!
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