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Sad Society
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Dec 29, 2021
Aug 5, 2009
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Los Angeles, CA

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Sad Society

Ultra Member, from Los Angeles, CA

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Sad Society was last seen:
Dec 29, 2021
    1. Sad Society
      Sad Society
      Thanks, Happy Holidays to you as well.
    2. son et lumiere
      son et lumiere
      Merry Christmas!!!
    3. hyperdeficit
      Those bottles look pretty slick, I will probably order some
    4. jlcanary
      Self cleaning mode? Yeah, it is actually very annoying. What happens is the battery will flash about 30 times and while it is flashing it heats the atomizer so the extra juice burns out of the atomizer. I end up with a nasty burnt taste like I would get if I did a dry burn. YUCK!
    5. jlcanary
      I'm afraid I don't know how to live it up anymore. I did it all in high school. Then I went to college and it sucked the fun right out of me. Right now I spend my time working a job I absolutely hate trying to make ends meet. I'm sure it also doesn't help that the closest friend I have lives 50 miles away....and she works 3rd shift. I know, excuses excuses, right? I'm actually a really boring person, but I do like the occassional game of cornhole. Haha. You tell me to live it up, I say I really don't know how, and have no idea how to go about trying to either.
    6. jlcanary
      Happy Birthday!! You really aren't that much older than me though. You made it sound like you were ancient or something. Well at least you have them now. I hope you have had a wonderful day. See ya.
    7. Sad Society
      Sad Society
      Yes there is a place on Ave I that sells one brand of Ecig. It is the smoke shop in Vallarta shopping center on 20th west and Ave I. The Ecig they sell is $100.00 and I think its some cheap brand. They sell prefilled cartridges but they don't fit the 510. The last time I checked they had mint flavored juice and that was the only flavor they had. I didn't check ask what the price was because I'm not interested in mint flavor. Maybe I'll stop by there again to see if they got any other juices in, but if not I'll just stick to buying online. I just got RY4 juice from She is located in California.
    8. Lalesa
      I don't have a V yet - Keep forgetting to get one until I find someone who is local. LOL I get my juice online too, usually from or I heard from someone who heard (you know how that goes) that there is a smoke shop on Ave I somewhere that carries e-juice. That's all the info they had. I haven't been up there to check into it. Even if its expensive - it would be great in a pinch! If you're around there you might want to check it out.
      I have my own little collection of PVs - too many of them LOL - the 510 is nice, I prefer the 901.
    9. Sad Society
      Sad Society
      Yeah I heard about the V. Do you have one on your car?

      Right now I only have one PV, the Joye 510. I order my juice online, where do get your supplies from?
    10. Lalesa
      Well Howdy Neighbor! Glad to see someone close by. Make sure you get a V on your car. That would be cool to see a few of around our part of the AV.
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