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Jan 4, 2015
Jun 19, 2010
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Unregistered Supplier, from USA

ECF Veteran
scinsc was last seen:
Jan 4, 2015
    1. mandycat1234
      Hi scinsc , how are you
    2. sugismimi
      there is a place it was or still is "the dam bar" but i heard on the radio that it's another name now, and if i heard correctly it has access to "beach" not sure what that means, ive not been there, but i can go check it out.
      Ive not seen Kaedrick on lately, is he still around???
    3. sugismimi
      your coming up on 2 years soon!!! mine was last month squeaked by, i'm not worthy of a happy 2nd year on the vets page, but, no matter.....
      hey, what's in your area for a meet??!! i would love to do something by the Lake?? whacha think.

      how the hell are ya anyway!! lolol

    4. wv2win
      Hey, sc, some of these people should just chant in unison: we are sheep, we are sheep.....

      Thanks for the "likes".
    5. tofucute
    6. scinsc
      Hi WV. I always enjoy your posts. Keep up the good work. Sorry I can't join in but ECF has me very restricted. Hell I can't even use the classifieds!
    7. wv2win
      Hey, SC, thanks for the "likes". The head veteran "sheep" was posting about sneak vaping in the bathroom and I just had to say something.
    8. wv2win
      SC, I knew you would like that one, lol. I wonder which one of the "sheep" will jump me first.
    9. Iceygem
      Hi! SC... PM re-sent! ;.)
    10. tonyorion

      My name is Tony, and I have been about Vaprlife and their Joker AV. Thanks for your support. Obviously. I have been on the wrong end of their customer service and product-not to mention Mary's-the owner-snotty attitude. Stuff does go wrong. I have had issues with delivery and faulty product from several vendors: Ken with the LS at notcig, Chris at myfreedomsmokes, even David at Eastmall, 10,000 miles away. Each time it was corrected with a polite and quick exchange of e-mails or a phone call.

      I am not a troll who for the sake of, but Vaprlife really ticked me off. It is the kind of supplier that we do not need in this community.

      By the way, good job on socking it to Alabama!

    11. scinsc
      Good for you! I just came back from a trip with 8 hour flights. Vaped the whole time with zero complaints. Just held it in to lessen the vapor. I was more concerned about upsetting the smokers than the controle freaks. Anyway I vape everywhere and don't care what controle freaks think because I am not harming anyone. Just like people that use Inhalers. SC
    12. sugismimi
      well then your just down the road!!! i didn't notice how long you had been on here, but i have been since april and really enjoy my vaping experience, i was in the vista a few weeks ago for happy hour at ale house, and my friend and I was vaping inside the bar, several peeps came up and asked my what r u smoking, so i explained and they were cool with me doing it, i got a few dirty looks but other than staff noone said anything about smoking inside. makes me wonder how many people would/could smoke and not be bothered by it? anyway, good to hear back from you.
    13. sugismimi
      hello SC, I also am from SC!!! Lexington . wouldn't mind sharing info or experiences in vaping!! sugismimi
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