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Last Activity:
Dec 6, 2013
Jul 20, 2011
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Pacific North West
Customer Service

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Super Member, from Pacific North West

ECF Veteran
Scotay87 was last seen:
Dec 6, 2013
    1. mombo
      Hi Scot....just checking in to see if you are still here and seem to be posting. Things are kind of quiet over on the boards. Course you aren't there to raise hell. Tral is finally at the point of making decisions about moving and going back to school. TH is doing well and her little dog too. Jackie is looking to get a ipad3 for father's day. Me? well I am getting older by the day.... Well...just an update and a reminder that you are missed.
    2. mombo
      Hi Scot....what's happening? Miss hearing from you. You know you disappeared around the time there was an avalanch and someone was killed out your way. I know you ski. I worried but then saw that you still come on here so I know it was not you that got hurt. That was sort of a relief but then you never checked in with anyone of us.....even kk. Now Geez is back but you will not even respond to any of us. Can you just email kk or geez or jackie just to say yo. Thanks, Kathy
    3. Rymarski
      Scot you are the man! Thanks for all the help.
    4. mombo
      Hi Scott! Have a question for you. Where can you get a cone for xl cartos? I have started using K-Gos but when you put on a xl carto the cone is too short and the carto can get hot. Any ideas???? Thanks, Kathy
    5. AMP
      You're the man. Thanks for the tank help.
    6. TotallyHemp
      You suck! :p .... OHHHHH and you are a SUPER member.... that is special! ;) lol
    7. Danielsuzuki
      Indeed I do Scottie :)
    8. AngelsRUs
      Never see you around much anymore...heard you were sick? I hope you get to feeling better soon!
    9. bliss12897
      Hey scottie! :)
    10. SpiderMo
      Hey bud, heard you've been sick..... Hope you are feeling better and how is the vaping obsession going lol.
    11. mombo
      Scot you disappeared ........ I need your skill.
    12. vikki59
      How's the VMOD Vaping ?? :)
    13. vikki59
      deleted, put in wrong spot, sorry scot
    14. vikki59
      Thanks for all of the likes :). Appreciate it
    15. SpiderMo
      Just popping in to say HELLO !!!! Havent been around for a few so seen that you visitor page was clear so thought i would put something in it. Hope all is well with you and will be back on V2 forum soon. happy vaping
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    Pacific North West
    Customer Service
    I was a 1.5+ pad smoker up until may of this year for 15 or so years. My father who passed from Pancreatic Cancer in July of 2010 had been on my .... for a long time to quit. This last may I decided it was time make it happen and quit smoking. I had tried like most the patch, gum, cold turkey, etc to no avail never tried the drugs to many horror stories. I had tried a friends e-cig before and was not crazy about it seemed like a pain and flavor sucked but that was an older type. I figured it had been a while so there should have been some improvements. After a week of research I settled on an standard 808 type with pre-filled cartridges. After a short time I realized that I just loved to smoke but knew that I could not keep up that habit and that vaping was the way to go. With in a few weeks I had upgraded from an 808 to an ego style and was filling tanks and dripping. Shortly after that I started looking into mods and eventually settled on "The Don". So long story short I went from an 808 to a mod in just a few weeks.

    Bowling And Anything Out Doors Snow Skiing, Camping, Fishing, Kayaking, etc.....
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