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Jul 17, 2015
Feb 27, 2010
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May 21

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Vaping Master, from Neverland

Verified Member ECF Veteran
sensay was last seen:
Jul 17, 2015
    1. Cyia
      Heyas :D Sorry I have been through hell and back it seems these past two week
    2. whiskey
      hey girl...I was in chit chat and never got a hello from ya, whats up lately on your side of the world!!!
    3. Viktro D'Vaping
      Viktro D'Vaping
      Sensay is truly one of the MOST kind and caring members on the ecf Forum, prolly any other place as well! She truly is an "Earth Angel"! Thank you for all that you've done for me and the countless others...
    4. Gunjji
      NOW that is a beautiful picture of you sensay!!! Incase you change it.. Black "D&G" shirt.
    5. Sallana
    6. Seabrook
      Oh wow, I just learned how to answer Visitor Messages. Sure took me long enough, sorry. Anyway, if you've seen my avatar, you've seen me. My hair is the same color (natural redhead), same length, same hairstyle, fair skin, and I wear a lot of lavendar. Yeah, I like pixies and elves. I read a lot of fantasy. If you like fantasy, you should read Alosha -- can chk it out @ the library. It's a 3-pt series of the Queen of a fairy kingdom who comes to earth. Also try the Artemis Fowl series, that really rox. Right now I'm on my 4th time through the Harry Potter series since I just finished the Valdemar Heralds series by Mercedes Lackey -- zee best of all. Have a fun summer!
    7. zbasspro
      YOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO... i got my goodies today...woot woot..... thanks so much u sweet thing! .... finally a coffee that i like..not sure on the orge crm soda.. sumpin not quite right bout it.... and holy ..... that atomic fireball.. my taste buds r fried, and loving it... BNB.... yummyyyyyyyyyy.

      xoxox, MIssy
    8. zbasspro
      I just wanna hug ya! u are a sweetheart!!
    9. Seabrook
      Hi Sensay, I like your new avatar.
    10. SpiritAir
      hey senasy.. I just recieved the mountain mist.. Its awesome!! Thanks
    11. BiancaMontgomery
      I wanted to! I'm so sorry I missed it. :(
    12. Mary Kay
      Mary Kay
      Happy Birthday! Hope it's wonderful!
    13. VRubin
      I was with my sister all day, just got home! ECF is so majorly screwed up :(
    14. VRubin
      Me either :( Im freaking out man!!
    15. vaporjoey
      Wow, can u believe we are over 6 weeks smoke free : )
    16. redrhino
      Thanks sensay
    17. thunderbolt885
      I got an 808 from Rob also. I think they are pretty nice! Great vapor and nice throat hit. Im addicted to RY4 flavor now lol. What flavor do you like?
    18. thunderbolt885
      Cartomizer. Im using an 808 its ok if you dont know. I just thought I would ask. sorry for the random question. lol. Im guessing it either has too much liquid or not enough. I switched them out now so I wouldnt have the problem lol.
    19. thunderbolt885
      haha. Thats a good way to meet people I guess. Can I ask you a question? My cart just started sizzling and I cant find anything on the forum about that. its not gurgling, it sounds like a frying pan a little bit and its still full of juice. :-(
    20. thunderbolt885
      noticed you visited my page, just dropping in to say hi! :lol
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