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Oct 24, 2012
May 10, 2012
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callahan florida
to make my husband happy and keep all my kids and

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Full Member, from callahan florida

Verified Member
sewlovely9 was last seen:
Oct 24, 2012
    1. Zooker
      I love vanilla strait! I think you will really like it!
    2. sewlovely9
      Hey cracked, Is it under itrader? janet
    3. sewlovely9
      Hey cracked, I just got verified yesterday. I have been an ebay seller since it started almost. lol janet
    4. Crack3dOne
    5. DKS-1
      Welcome to the family!
    6. kico166
      Betting you have an extra crown waiting for you on the other side. Bless your heart - Hubby & I just "retired" from fostering at risk youth. Tough road these kids see. Looking forward to seeing you in the forums!
    7. sewlovely9
      Hello Zooker, Thanks so much. We do what we have to do in life. I just told Allazar when I had that blocked artery I had no regrets for my choices in life. When I see my children and grandchildren smile I know I made the right choices. I do regret all those years of smoking. lol
    8. Zooker
      sewlovely, it's so nice to get to know you and I am happy you have landed here! Congrats on all your accomplishments, you have overcome so much.
    9. dlsw
      Nice bio, sew!! Sew nice to get to know you!!! :)
    10. sewlovely9
      Hello, thanks for the welcome. I actually have a sewing machine just like the one in the picture and can use it. I quit smoking in april after a blocked right heart artery. Vaping was the only way I have ever been successful finding bounty hunter was what made me know I could do it.
    11. cocoabellaRSD
      welcome to ECF !
      Haven't been here that long myself .
      that is nice tredle Singer machine in your pic. My mom inherited one like that , gave it to my SiS, I think.
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    callahan florida
    to make my husband happy and keep all my kids and
    I am a native north Florida girl and southern. Yes all natives of north Florida consider themselves southern. I can trace my family back to before Florida was a state. I am married, have been for 36 yrs ,to the boy I have known since I was 8. I was married at 16 he was 18. I had 3 children before I was 21 a daughter and two sons. I was a grandmother at 35 when my first granddaughter was 2 months old my life changed forever. Her mother and her were in a car accident. My daughter had severe injuries to her face and brain. I helped her and took care of my granddaughter. The same year my 8 yr old niece came to live with me, she had a horrible abusive home life with my sister. I raised her until she was grown. My niece had twins when she was 19. I helped her as well. Happily after a long recovery my daughter reclaimed enough of her life to have another child and aquire her master's in education. She is a wonderful teacher. She teaches the 5th grade. My niece recently earned a BA in business, she is starting her own business right now. My sons are both hard working and at present have good jobs. I have 8 grandchildren. There is another set of twins due in Nov. that will bring the total of grands to ten. I don't think my husband and I have done bad for 2 dumb kids starting with nothing. My name sewlovely comes from my skills at sewing, and repairing old sewing machines. I did have my own sewing business until I had to stop and have surgery on both of my shoulders. It was also during that time I was having wierd symptoms, 3 MRI's and 2 lumbar punctures later, I was told I have MS. I also have psroratic arthritis. In April I had a heart Cath due to shortness of breath. I had a complete block off the right coronary artery. I was lucky some smaller arteries had rerouted the blood and kept the heart muscle alive. I received a medicated stent after several attempts. I had to end my long 37 yr love of Marlboro light 100's cigarettes. My husband bought be a disposable blu e-cig. It was a start. I have searched and read so much and watched so many youtube videos to end up here. If I had not found out about Bounty Hunter on ecf I don't think I could have quit smoking. I am here and I am forever grateful. I know I may have told to much about myself that is me, blunt and to honest. I hope this will explain my trouble posting and spelling things wrong, maybe ya'll can put up with my faults and weaknesses. I am not always a happy camper as I live in chronic pain. I am glad to be here. This is fun place to hang out and wait on the koolaid.

    reading,sewing, fixing vintage sewing machines art grandchildren
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