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Jul 30, 2013
Oct 24, 2011
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Unregistered Supplier, from Indiana

ECF Veteran
sharpi was last seen:
Jul 30, 2013
    1. Karla Lyle
      Karla Lyle
      I thought if you steal money from people you get banned from ECF? How is it you still have an account here? I am just appalled by what you did. I bet you are probably still here under another name too. Unbelievable.:glare:
    2. Pissy
      I've been missing you in the chat room...hope everything is ok.
    3. Bahiaboy
      Just done the PP dispute process,hopefully we may get our money refunded ???
      This seller needs Banning !!!
    4. Bahiaboy
      I paid via paypal also, has anyone managed to get money returned ??
    5. Sugar_and_Spice
      Unfortunely it looks like I have company, so I am joining the rest of the members that got ripped off. I paid for 2 and got nothing....
      I have a dispute going on on pp for this......people like this need to be banned permanetly. Where are the mods that she still has an account?
    6. Bahiaboy
      1 month and still not received the tank I paid for any update ????
    7. Odium
    8. Karla Lyle
      Karla Lyle
      I can not understand how you still have an account here after ripping everyone off. I see you are no longer a registered supplier but you are still a supplier none the less. How is that possible. i thought you would be banned if you steal money from ECF members? Also I still have not received my tank either.
    9. MeltingGlass
      I traded with sharpi. I sent my tank out and I was told she sent hers out and that was about 10 days ago....... I hope she'll enjoy my tank.... Your welcome.....
    10. CDATundra
      I still have not received, or heard anything about the tank that I ordered (and paid for) either. I guess we "lose"!! SAD!!!
    11. AutumnWolf
      Not accepting PM's? Need to know the status of my tank please...
    12. *~Peace~*
      Any info on the tanks please what happened?
    13. RickMc
      Well, you will probably be relieved to know I ordered the P-word finally. Decided as long as I'd been patient this long I'd wait for the green LED just for the novelty factor. :)
    14. Karla Lyle
      Karla Lyle
      I guess my tank along with everyone else who paid for a tank got lost in the mail. :glare:
    15. tofucute
    16. MDO1265
      Hey there Sharpi !

      Not sure if you remember me or not as Im sure you have an endless string of friends on here. We spoke in the live chat MIbbet thingy a few times a few months back when I started. You were so kind to help me out and explain the basics to me and of course... the wonders of the Provari.

      Welp.... Im still here. A Riva 1100 mah kit , Ego VV, a Lavatube and countless cartos, Vision clearos ect ect later and Im lovin the vapin ! I swear I had my finger on the trigger to join you on the Provari trail but I keep seeing these other exotic options and have my eye out for what becomes available. For now the lineup I have is getting the job done. Still tryin to figure out the best tank setup. I tried slotting the cartos to get them to wick juice but it just didnt hit right...... go figure.

      Hope this finds you well and thanks again for the crash course in my early days.

    17. HolaAmigos

    18. classwife
    19. Zapp and Roger
      Zapp and Roger
      /me waves at Sharpi. See you at Vapebash! :D
    20. phoneguy1212
      I didn't know I had fellow vapor friends so close to me.
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