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Jan 17, 2018
Jan 4, 2011
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Super Member, from Texas

Verified Member ECF Veteran
skye was last seen:
Jan 17, 2018
    1. HolaAmigos
      Happy Holidays to you and yours!!!

    2. unsure
      A Merry Christmas back atcha. :) Yep that will be my next REO....the VV. :)
    3. tofucute
    4. unsure
      Just to tease you....:laugh:

    5. Fudgey
      OMG!!! So sorry......don't know how I missed this!!

      Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!!! :)
    6. CarrieM
      Thanks skye, I hope you had a great day also
    7. unsure
      Hope yours was good as well...btw NO!! lol You can't have my Nebula but wait for the "Tesla". You may want that one even more. :)
    8. whiskey
      I did Skye, I hope yours was good too:):):)
    9. txtumbleweed
      I hope you had as good of Thanksgiving as we did. It would have been a little better if my 49ers would have won their game!
    10. txtumbleweed
      Thank you Skye, I had a great Thanksgiving, lots of food and football enjoyed with family. It doesn't get any better than that.:2cool:
    11. Glam
      Hello Skye: How nice to hear from you and thanks for dropping by my den. Are you still doing the V4L forum and threads? How about your current vaping supplies. I now use an epower and tanks with Resurrector cartos. Am so happy with that set up.

      Hope you also had a great Thanksgiving.....come by to visit again soon.
    12. FreakyStylie
      Thanks for poppin' by! :) I had a lot of stuff happening in my world, and I've been working a lot on my show, so I lost contact with ECF ... should be back here a lot more being a gigantic clown in full effect. :laugh: Happy turkey/beer/football/(and most importantly. thankfulness) day to you too!
    13. Iffy

      I'm more stuffed than the turkey we had!

      Here's hoping you and yours enjoyed a thankful day... [​IMG]
    14. Iffy
      Why, thank you muchly! I appreciate you taking the time to let me know I can bring a smile.

      Catch ya on da 'playground'...


    15. Jermbug
      I just sent you back a message and I think it asked for a message receipt to let you know that IO got the message and I clicked cancel thinking it was just a pop up so now I now sorry about that I am new here and don't know what all the features are yet..
    16. Mary Kay
      Mary Kay
      Skye..join us in the Women's Room!
      hi skye,:)
      no 1 can have enuff friends...
    18. Glam
      Hello Skye: Thanks for asking me to be your friend. So nice. Hope to see you around the forum very often. It is nice to be associated with people who understand vaping--I have talked my neighbor and hubby's secretary into trying, but so far they won't leave the tobacco and just use vaping when in no smoking areas. I am proud of us all.
    19. Glam
      Hi Skye: Just wanted you to know that I use the MaxxFusion and the V4L Vapor king both. I prefer the Vapor kings because most KR808 batteries will fit, and on the Bloogs, the Bloog cartos fit well, but most other KR 808s do not. Since there are so many problems with Bloog cartos, you might want to wait until they get the problems ironed out before ordering the MaxxFFusion. I like other Kr 808 cartos and the V4L cartos are very good also--for those reasons, I prefer the V4L batteries, at this time. I have the MaxxFussion regular and shorty--threads are different on each, and neither one is compatible with many other KR808 cartos. (Never have known why different threads on the 2 batteries) Just my experience I wanted to share without any one jumping down my throat.

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