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Sep 3, 2019
Mar 3, 2011
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June 23
Awesomeville, FL
Ejuice Connoisseur

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Ultra Member, from Awesomeville, FL

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sophie_lapin was last seen:
Sep 3, 2019
    1. nahian
      can you suggest me capella flavour percentage of
      1) double chocolate v2
      2) golden pineapple
      3) banana split
      4) bold tobacco
      5) sweet strawberry RF
    2. dragonbone
    3. myxomatosis
      You posted this:

      Bear Claw
      feel free to adjust as you see fit - i change it up all the time

      10mls of PG/VG/Nic +

      30 drops Capella CDS
      15 drops PA Waffle
      10 drops Capella Caramel
      5 drops LO Bavarian Creme
      5 drops PA Brown Sugar
      5 drops PA Butter
      5 drops PA Cotton Candy
      2 drops PA Hazelnut (or 2 drops Toasted Almond or 1 drop LO Almond)[/QUOTE]

      Just wanted to let you know I took your advice. I didn't have all the flavors you specified, but I had MOST of them in other brands and OMG thank you so much!! Delicious!
    4. muriarte
      Sophie, I´m sorry I took too long, but better late than never. The mini I bought from you is flawless and I am really enjoying it! Thank you.
    5. tofucute
    6. Drottwiler
    7. GoodDog
      Thanks. :) That's my baby Oliver - the love of my life. I love that haircut but can't find anyone here that does it that good. We were in Mexico on an extended vacation when he got that one. He's half Shih Tzu and half Pomeranian but he looks more like a Shih Tzu.
    8. Sassy Sadie
      Sassy Sadie
      Hi Sophie... I had asked a question after reading one of your reviews... You seemed very familiar with Gooey butter cake... (not the juice the actual I was curious what your experience with it was.
    9. sophie_lapin
      whoops- I thought we were in PM......lolololollbbqwtf!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111
    10. sophie_lapin
      Im loving all the stuff you sent me!
      I've been really wanting to try the Ego Tank system so I got that out first, but it didn't work. I thought I broke it because of the way I cleaned it.
      Well, I tried it again tonight and it worked! I like it but the hits are inconsistant. Once I get it wicked, the first couple of hits are great but then I can't hit on it for a long while. It gets too hot or something and I get a burnt taste. Im going to work on it.

      I am liking both the A and B Megas! The only difference I can tell between the 2 so far is the size difference (B holds more juice). Is that the only difference between the two?

      You do not have to send me anything in return for the juice- I sent it to you because you said you enjoyed what was in the GoGo cart.
      Now if whatever you have is just sitting in a drawer and not going to be used, I would love whatever 501 or 801 leftovers you have. So before you throw anything away- just remember me!

      Thanks again for the trade!
    11. txtumbleweed
      Hi Sophie,
      I got the juice you sent, thank you very much. That was awful nice of you. I love the cinnamon roll with my coffee in the morning. It is awesome.
      Did you like any of the mega attys? I have a couple of new mega type A cone atty if you wold like or a couple of the other type B or a new Giantomizer if you would like to try one of those.
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    June 23
    Awesomeville, FL
    Ejuice Connoisseur
    On a quest for the holy grail ejuice

    DIY in the lab
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