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Mar 12, 2012
Dec 18, 2011
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Wichita, KS
Major League Infidel

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Super Member, from Wichita, KS

ECF Veteran
Spartan8029 was last seen:
Mar 12, 2012
    1. BluSwatch
    2. BluSwatch
    3. fauno
      I'm back at Ft. Carson. Just got back from Korea, lol. You?
    4. hairball
    5. Loveridden
      Nope, no tobacco flavor in it - its straight up dessert flavor. But I hear that Quick Nic has some great tobacco flavors. The ry4 is very popular. I have 3 favs from them and will probably have more when I try more lol. I'm not into tobacco flavors but my 3 favs are Enigma, Banana Cream & Watermelon Rancher.
    6. Loveridden
      You asked about Quick Nic Enigma BUT I missed that until this morn - Enigma is mostly chocolate and caramel, with undertones of vanilla, and maybe some other things too, maybe a liquor, maybe a marshmallow, some ppl taste a little coffee in it, tho I don''s a really good vape!!
    7. tofucute
    8. gaijin
      nothing, you have gotten me into a habit of reading the dates on every post... haha ;)
    9. gaijin
      Thanks for bein there for me when I needed ya ;)
    10. Loveridden
      lol I should have known!! Long time since I have seen Austin Powers...go rent season 7 from a video store!! You have a lot to catch up on!! lol
    11. Spartan8029
      Mr bigglesworth was the Dr. Evil's cat from Austin Powers. I love House too, I seen every episode up to season 6, haven't seen any new ones unfortunately. Yeah it's true, we all have bromances :p
    12. Loveridden
      Mr bigglesworth??? Is that a cat?? lol - I just love House so much. Gotta love Hilson (House + Wilson) lol - bffs lol. I'm sure you have a bromance too!! Come on, don't lie! :p
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    Wichita, KS
    Major League Infidel
    Door Kicking, Combat Training, Exploring With my Dog


    -1 Analogue on 01.18.2012 :(
    *Last TC taken on 01/03/2012
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