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Apr 18, 2010
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Senior Member, from Tennessee

ECF Veteran
    1. suddenly
      I liked your video God's Song. I didn't think it would be PC if I stated that on the site. Madonna, oh my goodness what an avatar for an atheist to use lol.
      It is pretty though. I still like Portrait of the Duchess de La Salle, real class.

      I am finally starting to accept my friends death. It is so difficult when it comes to suicide. I truly believe there was nothing I could have done to prevent it, just like with my husband many years ago. I believe thats why I choose this melancholy like avatar. I feel like this in the fall anyway.

      Now didn't that just cheer you right up? LOL:facepalm:
    2. suddenly
      Did you stay up all night too? I like your new avatar. Is it the same artist? I just found out a couple of days ago that 2 friends that I have known for 30 years are gone. So sad, but not totally surprised. You know the song from MASH?
    3. Zapp and Roger
      Zapp and Roger
      Great posts in the Outside forum you know which thread :)
    4. Spence
      I do like the YKWtoD thread ... mostly, because when I'm reading and I get angry it distracts me. It gives a minute to calm my happy ... down.
    5. suddenly
      You seem to really like the "You know what to do....... game. I am afraid I would get stumped. Here is a sport we should take up synchronized swimming.
      or drowning if you are me. lol Lived by the water all my life and still afraid of it.
    6. suddenly
      You didn't! Oh yes you did!
    7. Spence
      Suddenly, thanks. She & my brother were married for 31 years and crazy about each other. My brother is doing "ok", but I'm so sorry for him!
    8. suddenly
      I am so sorry for your loss. You expressed yourself so elegantly. You are very wise and you impress me with awe at times
    9. suddenly
      Don't ask! Believe me you don't want to go there. Ask me in November. lol
    10. Spence
      I did! And, I wanted to dedicate my poem about Mr Mad to you, but I was afraid it might get us both in "trouble". Loved your Pew Bows. I take it that you are part of the decoration committee for your daughters wedding. How's it going?
    11. suddenly
      Hey girl, did you get my flowers? Mr. MAD is in the sin bin. LOL
    12. Spence
      It disappeared for a while this evening. Is it back?
    13. suddenly
      How you like the new outfit? I change my avatar when it gets up to 3 or more people ...... off at me!
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    If I were God, you would know it.
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