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Jan 30, 2016
Sep 7, 2012
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Dallas, Texas
Retired Network Eng.and Electronic tech

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Ultra Member, from Dallas, Texas

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steved5600 was last seen:
Jan 30, 2016
    1. steved5600
      Merry Christmas
    2. Vapoor eyes er
      Vapoor eyes er
      Merry Christmas and have a Safe Holiday

    3. tnt56
      Now that's GREAT news buddy. Glad to hear it.
    4. Warren D. Lockaby
      Warren D. Lockaby
      Thanks Steve, I think that's a great way of going about things. I haven't logged into ECF for awhile - lots of stuff going on - & I really appreciate your thinking of me. Hope you & your family & friends had a great Christmas, and I hope 2013 is shaping up to be your best year yet!

      Peace & Blessings from my cave ~
    5. tnt56
      Well from one addict to another. I'M DAMN PROUD OF YOU. I kicked the drug habit, well the other two remain to be seen. But a hug and a strong handshake to you.
    6. tnt56
      You may not believe me but I'm so glad to hear that you got into another AA group., Some of em can be really great. I wish you the best my friend and send em all to the vapor side of life. I know what those meeting rooms look like. Vape would be wonderful for em. If they can just do it. Remember don't push, just support. God bless and keep you safe.
    7. tnt56
      New circle is always good brother. If I can just get rid of the killer I hop to do better. Best wishes to the circle youve created.
    8. tnt56
      yea and then the new year and job start out really sucky. Just found out yesterday I had early stages of Pneumonia. Now that I'm on steriods again for breathing it just sucks to have a new year start like this. You think it's strange to dream of vaping stuff?
      I've only been awake for about 7 hours for the last 3 days. Just sleep and hack. Life sucks and then we get the other choice. Take care brother.
    9. tnt56
      Yea I hate to hear about your verdict. I suffer with it everyday. Had to take off today I can't talk job on ECF and I can't talk ECF at work. Kinda bums me out if you know what I mean. I've got a repore with a lot of the older customers. And when anyone comes in with medical issues. it's me who talks to em. Cause I can relate with em. The other night I had to struggle to keep from falling out of the chair. A ex marine and his wife (quote Squid). came in and he wanted to start to vape. Ok lets try some flavors. take him and her back to the tasting room. The look when he tried some of the flavors was priceless. He loved the 555. We got a young high school girl working with us part time. She came in and took the juice order so we could get the tanks and bottles filled and when she left, this woman looks at her husband and says "now that the underage one is gone, is it better than sex?" Hubby looks takes another vape and says. "Damn close but not quite that good".
    10. tnt56
      hope your doing good brother. Just hoping for good thoughts to good friends. Take care buddy.
    11. dragonbone
    12. tnt56
      Be Bless my brother and have a Great Holiday.
    13. Janet H
      Janet H
      Thank you so much for the lovely Christmas post. I was not aware of the Christmas Truce and I think the idea of doing 26 acts of kindness is wonderful. I believe in Christmas and try to embrace it in my life all year through even though I often fall short. Christmas Blessings to you now and for 2013.
    14. tnt56
      I feel truely Blessed to be able to have friends like you in this world. Such heart fealt meaning, from such few words. I just want to remind all that "JESUS is the only reason for the season". God bless you and keep you safe my brother. Merry CHRISTmas.
    15. jj2
      Thank you for sharing that!!

      I did pass it on: FB

      And will here too!
    16. tnt56
      Just take care and remember the real reason for the season my friend. God bless. Take care of yourself.
    17. jj2
      I do hope and your family have a wonderful Xmas.

    18. tnt56
      Thanks brother. Best wishes too you. Here's to a better year for us both.
    19. tnt56
      Thanks brother. And the same good wishes to you also. Here's to a better year to come.
    20. Hearts2412
      Hi sweetie {{{{{hugs}}}}}

      I'm dropping by to wish you and yours a Wonderful & Blessed Holiday Season!!!!!!

      Love, Hearts {{{{{{{{Big Hugs}}}}}}}}
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  • About

    Dallas, Texas
    Retired Network Eng.and Electronic tech
    Facebook user ID:
    Architectural Major a UT Arlington, Moved to Computers. Started as a Tech and moved to Network Eng. retired 2005. Suffered an injury to my mouth/face cutting into my smoking for a long time but couldn't stay away. Smoke Pipes and Cigars giving up on pipes as they were to hard to hold in my modified mouth. Got into the bad habit of inhaling the cigars in the last 4 years. If I had kept that up I would not have lasted long. LOL
    Big into fist aid and then advanced and Fist Responder as a volunteer. Did a stint with American Red Cross. Was a ham radio operator. Do my one electrical work etc. Even was a storm chaser until i saw 3 funnel clouds in one day about a mile away. Decided that doing that was not for me.
    Have lived in Tappahannock Va. Roanoke Va. Dallas and San Antonio Texas.

    Gardening, Geocaching, camping, fishing, hunting


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