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Feb 14, 2019
Nov 26, 2009
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December 30
The Secret Garden

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Ultra Member, Female, from The Secret Garden

ECF Veteran

On the road again!!!!!!!!i Jun 4, 2018

suddenly was last seen:
Feb 14, 2019
    1. dragginfly
      I've got a feeling I'm being watched, too. But my Mom's basement has no widows!

      I need to go OUTSIDE for some fresh air.

      PS. Since you did not reply to my PM, Suddenly, does this mean it's over?
    2. Surf Monkey
      Surf Monkey
      I know I am, but what are you?
    3. Surf Monkey
      Surf Monkey
      I have the strangest feeling that I'm being watched...
    4. eyebrook
      Wow love the eyes where did you get it and can i have one as well
    5. Badbeams3
      Psst...I know that...thats what made your response soooo
    6. dragginfly
      Spider Pig, Spider Pig, Does whatever a spider pig does!

    7. Infernal2
      SECRET... Agent Man! Secret.... Agent Man!
    8. Gracchus Grey
      Gracchus Grey
      Aww thanks sudden; I think i was on the verge of destroying my e-credibility with that avatar... Hard enough being a youngling on the boards!
    9. suddenly
    10. eyebrook
      Ok, trying some more Avs let me know what you think
    11. eyebrook
      Very nice ,just dont think it me (grin), and you can pick on me anytime
    12. eyebrook
      Yes it was from the film Avatar, I like to change now and again , so keep on looking and tell me what you think
    13. leannebug
      OOOOOOO!! ♥ love yours too!!!! PRETTY!! ♥
    14. eyebrook
      Hi I didnt know about this bit lol, live and learn
    15. bassnut
      Well, if you'll notice, not too many people are responding to my posts either.
      ...but thanks!
    16. Safira
      Thanks, I guess I have a dark side to me. I love your page, very elegant looking, and perfect contrasts.
    17. classwife
      Beautiful job !!!!!

      (hugs) !!
    18. dragginfly
      Monkeys? I'm in!

      Those little guys are so cute.

      Lovin' the new home. Big yard and, yes, a garden.

      (shhhhh... it's a secret.)
    19. StormFinch
      Not at all. Black and white is extremely powerful IMHO, and a special art form when done photographically. It takes an extremely good photographer to produce a clean, bold b&w photo, Ansel Adams springs to mind.

      Lol it's so funny. 50% of the U.S. population has no idea even where AR is on the map and 50% have friends or relatives living here. :) I grew up farther south of where I am now, lived in 5 other states and ended back here. Does your brother enjoy Little Rock?
    20. dragginfly
      Well, my name is not Judith... so you probably realize by now it wasn't me who delivered
      that piece of paper to DC.

      Guess I should have added an LOL in my earlier note. :blink:

      The truth is (really) we moved to a new home last month and I've also been
      busy with my business. Not as much time to loiter around the OUTSIDE.

      Been a while since I've actually been to Hawaii. My next Island trip will be the
      Caribbean. St. Lucia is high on my list of "must see" secret gardens.
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  • About

    December 30
    The Secret Garden
    I have lived near Lake Ontario most of my life, and I love the water. I love all of nature.

    Playing Guitar, Reading & Research, PC Games


    "Without love, we are birds with broken wings"
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