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Mar 10, 2012
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January 19
Jobless at the moment. Live, love and laugh often

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Vaping Master, Female, from USA

Verified Member ECF Veteran
    1. daleron
      We heartly welcome you to the Lurker's Sue :)

    2. Robino1
      LOL! Thanks!
    3. jj2
    4. Reddhott
    5. jj2
      Yes I have been and do try to be!!! And I see you have met Pri...she is a sweetie. :)
    6. priorities
      Oh you are so sweet to say that thank you Searching* not sure which thread you see me on, hope I see you soon * Have a great day..{{{{hugs}}} Pri here's some snowfall for you*
    7. priorities
      Hi Searching..I see your friend request and I am happy to meet you. Welcome and if you need any help that i can provide, I would be happy to help you ..take good care..Enjoy ECF, Pri xoxo
    8. FL Lori
      FL Lori
      Hope you had a Merry Christmas

    9. dragonbone
    10. dragonbone
      You're welcome! Thanks to you too :).
    11. dragonbone
    12. Charlie C
      Charlie C
      Thank you again. My blogs are pretty basic. Like to start off simple. I only have two up at ECF right now but I've been drafting a lot to post. MY research on the Australian nicotine ban has been all consuming these past months.
    13. FL Lori
      FL Lori
      I am so glad you find my posts helpful! Feel free to ask any questions you might have!
    14. FL Lori
      FL Lori
      Hi searching! Thanks for the friend request.
    15. Charlie C
      Charlie C
      Thanks for like. It really is good juice.......
    16. Vocalek
      You're welcome! Glad you are enjoying ECF.
    17. EleanorR
      :) Thank you. I enjoy yours too!
    18. gthompson
    19. Mr.Mann
      Thanks a bundle. That really does mean a lot to me.
    20. ShogaNinja
      Thanks for leaving me a nice visitor message. You're very welcome. The time I spent writing the Vaper's Handbook was well worth it if it helps people out. Please subscribe to the blog because I am frequently adding to old questions, and answering new ones. It is ever evolving. I'll be doing a number of product reviews too in the near future.
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    January 19
    Jobless at the moment. Live, love and laugh often
    I've lived in a few different states. Currently live near the ocean so there's lots of sand around here and I kind of like it! :)

    I love the beach and can't get enough of looking at the water, walking in the sand and the peaceful serenity of it all. I burn easily, so have to use a lot of sunscreen and need shade too lol.

    I wonder if I'm in the place where I need to be?

    Quitting a 40yr. 2 pack a day habit. I've been vaping now since February, 2012 :)



    Vaping since Feb. 2012, avoiding approx. 30-35 cigs a day. Everything I tried prior to finding e-cigs failed! Write to your Senators and Representatives, the CDC and the FDA. Tell your e-cig story to them and to CASAA too and let our voices be heard!
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