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Nov 22, 2013
Apr 13, 2010
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I have no idea???

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Ultra Member, from SOUTH CAROLINA

Verified Member ECF Veteran
sugismimi was last seen:
Nov 22, 2013
    1. Darksyde
      Hi. Yeah, I've seen a couple of South Carolinians on here. :) I'm from Bishopville which is right off of I-20 heading toward Florence.
    2. glasseye
      Hi! Thanks for the offer to send me pork roll! LOL! You know how it can be. I'm good though. It's just one of those things I think about when NJ comes up. Pizza, pork roll, diners, fresh keilbasa and real perogies. :)
      I'd love to meet up when you come to the beach! I'm about 5 miles from the ocean. I can't wait for spring and summer! It took me about 5.2 seconds to think I'm cold when it's 50 degrees out. hahaha
      Again, thanks for the offer but once in a blue you can find pork roll at the Pig, it's just not the
    3. HolaAmigos
      Happy New Year!!

    4. HolaAmigos
      Have yourself a Safe and a Wonderful Holiday!!

    5. sugismimi
      looks like we have muffluvin as the winner in guessing my grandsons weight. My daughter and i had fun with the guess of 10.1 lbs; at 9.4 it was the closest.i'll email you and let you know muffluvin
    6. sugismimi
      on december 4th at 8:02 am a child was born !! Robert jackson came into this world weighing 9 lbs 4 oz. 21 inches

      see his awesome picture in my albums

      so lets see who guessed the correct or closest weight
    7. HolaAmigos
      Holiday Wishes to you and yours :wub:

    8. nordoe
      I will say 7 pounds on the nose.
    9. sugismimi
      my daughter is having a ball listening to all your predictions. the 10.1 lb'er, didnt make her lol it made her say ouch lolol
    10. Oh.Leever
      i'll wager 8lb 6oz. congratulations!

      i hope i win
    11. grruss
      I'm in for the fun! 7lb 6oz... First grandchild? Gotta love'm. They're a stitch, and you can hand 'em back when they smell bad.
    12. Hibiscuits
      I'm gonna say 8lb 7oz :) Send her my wishes for a quick, safe delivery and a super speedy recovery.
    13. muffluvin
      my gusess is 10.1 lbs. congrats and all the best
    14. pesok
      my guess is 7.2lb - congratulations grandparent!!! Keep on vaping if not for urself then for the little ones-thats my motto!
    15. b0redagain
      I'll guess 8lbs 12oz
    16. HolaAmigos
      Happy Halloween my friend, have a safe one :)

    17. ieatpez
      Thats awesome! I don't collect them as often anymore but every once in a while I see one that's really cool. I do actually buy lots of random ones from the dollar store when I can and then give them to people at festivals. It's amazing how a candy dispenser can make people smile!
    18. 413Dream
      Hey there. I will go by and check it out. I actually did not get the charger. I had two charged KGO's when I left the house and the second one died Sunday morning so I used my back up KR808D which only lasted 2 hours LOL. I ended up buying a disposable one at the gas station on the way home from the beach. It didn't taste like anything so I was trying to pry the little plastic thing off so I could put some Vanilla Love in there or something.

      Anyhow, I'm at work now and all ecigs are charged and I'm back to vapin' the way I should be :)
    19. Mrephunk
      HAHAHA well I wasn't trying to scare anybody. Well maybe scare them away from analogs tho.
    20. HolaAmigos
      Happy 4th of July :)

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    I have no idea???
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    Smoked for 20+ yrs. ~~ 3 yrs. analog free as of ~~~ April 2013~~~

    e-cigarettes, making new juice flavors,stalking the co-ops, metal jewlery making


    "Keepin it fruity" with ITaste MVP at 4.2, with iClear clearomizer filled with DIY lemon/lime/marshmellow
    Vaped thru my Strawberry Cream MMH tip.
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