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Oct 4, 2012
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ECF Guru, Male, from Somewhere out there

Verified Member ECF Veteran

Just another tool Dec 26, 2020

    1. Tenzarin
      Hey man I remember watching your videos for reosmods years ago. Now that they have closed up shop do you happen to know where to get replacement positive battery contacts?
    2. super_X_drifter
      Just another tool
    3. tattoo6.0
      Hey I just noticed in the billet box thread you said your running SSVTI wire. Do you know where I can get any. I’m in Southern California and am dangerously close to running out, can’t find any online either. If you know where I can get any I’d really appreciate a recommendation. Thanks in advance.
      1. super_X_drifter
        Sorry man just saw this. No man it’s out of production so like anything else in the vape community - it’s either hoarded or flipped. I’m fortunate to have a enough to just feel comfortable but certainly wish I bought more when it was available. No idea what I will use when I run out tho. Nothing even comes close. I might try that temco ti ?
        Dec 26, 2020
    4. rgerber
      Hey Russ! Have you seen some of the pics from the Italy Vape event posted on Facebook? How can I ever be happy with a Reo, even if it was a Woodvile with those kinds of mods out there. And yes, I saw your video about high end mods vs lower priced. I get that.....still an Epiphone 335 copy is just not the same a Gibson 335...talking about guitars here. Hard to vape and keep lit, but I love them too...
      1. super_X_drifter
        Man I apologize but I just saw this ! It’s like 5 years old. My bad completely. Hope all is well brother and keep on rocking
        Dec 26, 2020
    5. reno55
      Hey Russ, great coil master review video. Whats your take on the new AW IMR 18650 2200mah on the RTD site? . My typical coil build is a single with twisted 28 at 5 wraps 2.5mm at about .64ohms
      Well, hope your weekend is a great one and thank you
      1. super_X_drifter likes this.
      2. super_X_drifter
        Man I apologize but I just never see these messages. I like the AW 2200 for button top. If you like flat tops, the LG HG2 is a killer choice. I run the AW button tops in my REOs and the LG Q30s in my Custom Classic Mech and the HG2 in my Sunboxes.
        Nov 3, 2015
    6. Jet Knight
      Jet Knight
      Hey Russ, just saw your vid on the coil master kit. Could I have a site where you recommend to purchase? Seems more compact than the Artistic coil tool. Thanks
      1. super_X_drifter
        super_X_drifter brother. Sorry I just saw this :)
        Jul 23, 2015
    7. FloridaSam
      Just want to say thanks for your great video on making coils with the wire gizmo. My first build ever came out great. I really had trouble with the whole screwdriver thing and my local shop seems to only build .2 and lower! I just got a big dripper and even on that tough deck your video made it a piece of cake. I can now vape my tank at 1 ohm and its making huge vapor. Thanks again.
      1. super_X_drifter likes this.
      2. super_X_drifter
        Sorry I'm a year late! These messages give me no notifications. Thank you very much. Vape it like you stole it man.
        Nov 3, 2015
    8. Fishcakes
      Hey man, been checkin out more of your youtube vids and i realized you get way WAY more vapor from your reo with rm2 than i do... Whats your secret? It looks sooo tasty and satisfying. Im using max vg juices and ive built my coils with 28g kanthal and organic cotton if that makes any difference....

      Thanks for taking the time to read this man, your videos are a HUGE help.
      1. super_X_drifter likes this.
      2. super_X_drifter
        John, dude, I just saw this. My bad bro. Thank you for these comments. Sorry it took me a year to see them brother. You rock homie.
        Nov 3, 2015
        Fishcakes likes this.
      3. super_X_drifter
        I do get sick vapor bro. I dunno why.
        Nov 3, 2015
        Fishcakes likes this.
    9. chaosmacabre
      I'd love to try out some CC if you still have any to spare. I'll be ordering KGD come payday and am interested in how they compare. Fellow REO user here. . .if that has any pull lol

      - Monica
    10. Rhapsodies Fire
    11. Vwls
    12. unsure
    13. nerak
      Just stopping by to wish you a very......
    14. Della Cirque
      Della Cirque
      I'm thankful for you being in the REO family and especially thankful for the coil building videos!
    15. FreshSafari
      Happy day of birth!!!
    16. nerak
      So, today is the special day that people all around you get to celebrate YOUR Birthday!

      It is a pleasure to know you sweetie!

      Your dedication to enlightening those around you is a true blessing to behold.

      It is a honor to count you as a friend.

      Thank you for being YOU!:wub:

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