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Survivors Mom
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Nov 9, 2015
Sep 24, 2011
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January 2
Criminal Justice

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Survivors Mom

Super Member, from Texas

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Nov 9, 2015
    1. Taintedhalo
      lol I know what you mean. Real life seems to have a way of keeping us from our fun things doesn't it?
    2. Taintedhalo
      I am so sorry not to reply sooner! I just don't get much time now. lol I had a great day hope it went well for you and Christmas too. How are you...we haven't talked in a long time!
    3. dragonbone
    4. dragonbone
      Welcome :). Thank you too!
    5. dragonbone
    6. Della Cirque
      Della Cirque
      Will do! I know DownOnTheFarm is busy with work for a week or two.
    7. Della Cirque
      Della Cirque
      ECF'er downonthefarm (and a few non-ECF'ers) and I meet up whenever the mood strikes. Just tell us when you can come this way and we will be there! Mudflap from Tyler might be able to come to one if it's on the weekend.
    8. Shamruck
      Happy birthday!!
    9. whiskey
      Thank you dear:):)
    10. tofucute
    11. Balthezar
      Works for me :)
      On another note, don't ya just love this place? I've never been on a more friendly and supportive forum. The people here are just so great. And we get to meet such good people, that go out of their way to help each other.
      Well, nice talking to you, I'll see you out there, trying to help people and sometimes lightening up the mood with my warped sense of humor :laugh:
    12. Balthezar
      Thanks :) Sounds funny being called a good boy at 51 LOL, but I still have a young mind, so it's ok :laugh:
    13. Running Wolf
      Running Wolf
      Saw you sig about having a rescued pit bull :) No dog is born mean, it is how it is raised.

      Had the laws here in Ohio changed. There are no more viscous breed lists. It goes by the individual critter. From volunteering at the local shelter amazing how many people think a breed is born bad. :(
    14. Karen171
      Just want to say bless your heart for all you do. Just read about your rescues. We have 3 furboys....2 Yorkies and a Dachshund. The Dachshund and his sisters as newborns somehow survived outside in 8 degree weather with very little food.The owners were having them all put down but luckily our friend intervened and offered us Augie. The vet said he was about 14 wks old. She found good homes for his sisters as well. Augie is a super dog but still shivers in his sleep and has to have his blankie even in the hot summer, lol.

      Such good news about your son. My father died of esophageal cancer at age 39. That was a long time ago(1965)and thank goodness treatments are so much better now.

      Take care and thank you. I love animals and wish that people would be kinder and not think of them as something disposable.

    15. dormouse
      My fave is vanillarum (vanilla w/ caramel and rum) and I enjoy playing with their flavor creator though my results are only randomly good. I always mark mine private unless one comes out ok.
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    January 2
    Criminal Justice
    My son is a minority... he's an esophageal cancer Survivor! Now in remission 35 months after being give 6 to 24 months to live 44 months ago. He's now reached Miracle status!! I love him so much!!! He and his wife just had my miracle GRAND boy and he's beautiful!

    I'm a dog lover having 6, all rescues. They have a kitty kat kuzin who now lives with us. Pit Bulls rule and remission ROCKS!

    Dog rescue; stopping BSL; esophageal cancer awareness


    First they said he wouldn't survive cancer... they were wrong. Then they said the chemo had left him sterile and he'd never have children of his own... they were wrong. Sweet baby Lucius was born 10-03-12 and Nana just couldn't be more proud!
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