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May 3, 2013
Jan 19, 2012
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Super Member, from StockBridge Georgia

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taxman32 was last seen:
May 3, 2013
    1. dragonbone
    2. CharlieGirl
      Hey bud! So glad to hear it! I miss you! I've been hanging in there, no complaints. No major ones anyway! LOL! Actually got some good news last Dr visit. I've lost 40 lbs and she cut my diabetes meds in half! She said next time she may be able to cut them out completely because my blood levels were looking too low! Whoopie! Guess I've been satisfying the sweet tooth with the jooses! Gotta love vaping!
    3. Kay1959
      I kind of figured you had a Lavatube by now. I hear you on the battery life. That's why I went from Provape1 to Provari so quickly. What a fun time for your grandson and you! Sorry, I don't do Facebook. Good to hear from you! Don't be such a stranger! lol!
    4. Kay1959
      Hey there Taxman! Long time no hear from! You doing ok??
      Wanted to let you know that I went to my first meet-up! Here's a link to the pics...
      Hoosier Vapers Meetup – 4/28/2012 – Hoosier Vapers
      I'm the one in the white top with long hair.
      We didn't have near as many show up as you did on yours....but a good time was had.
      "Hands" won a Lavatube, and I thought of you! lol! Have you gotten one of those yet?
      Hope you're doing ok....miss hearing from you!
    5. Kay1959
      Oh my! Sorry to hear you aren't feeling well! Hope you feel better real soon! I'll have to send you some pics when I get back from Va. I'm going to be there for three weeks, helping my Mom who's scheduled to have total knee replacement surgery on the 19th. But I'll try to remember to take pics when I get back home. I sure hope when I order that thing on the 19th I get it while I'm in Va, as that's where I'm going to have it sent. TAKE CARE!
    6. Kay1959
      So did you get your multimeter? Haven't heard back from ya. Ok...NOW you can start getting jealous...because I am going to order the ProVari on Monday. I've already ordered some batteries. But want to wait until after the 18th to order the ProVari itself, so the charge will be on next month credit card bill.:oops::p I'm just tired of farting around with 3.7 devices....especially when I know I like 5 volts ( I use a 5 volt passthrough alot) Hope you had a good week-end!
    7. Kay1959
      No problemo! As I did the very same thing! :oops: The multimeter I have, we've had for quite awhile, as it's kinda a necessity on a farm. I've just never known how to operate the darn thing until now. lol!:p I'm doing just fine! Thanks for asking. How are you doing these days? A few days ago I started not tasting any flavors, and thought at first it was probably my taste buds, but then I got to thinking about how long I've been using these same cartos. I pitched all the cartos I've been using and pulled out some new ones and filled those. Worked like a charm!;)
    8. taxman32
      I've been putting off going to Lowes and getting a multimeter because everyybody swears by them so today I need to go and get some heavy gauge wire to finish a project on my RV so I'll get one! If I have any questions I'll write you. Glad you like your new one!
    9. Kay1959
      Oh yes! I'm vaping on my ProVape-1 right now! :)
      After I found out that the batteries weren't completely charged, even if the charger does show green, I'm golden! lol! I've also learned how to check the voltage with a digital multimeter. Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks??! lol!
    10. Kay1959
      No need to be jealous, I ordered the ProVape-1 instead of the ProVari:p
      I did that because A) It's smaller (I have very small hands, have to get XXS gloves to fit my hands lol!)
      B) It has just the same safety features as the ProVari, which is what I'm after in the first place.
      C) It has a lifetime warrenty. D) cheaper
      If I like the ProVape, I'll probably get a ProVari come October, when I've got alittle more 'mad money' to spend. In the meantime,
      I can 'Vape On' safely! So you see? You have a few months to get one before I do!:)
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