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Mar 29, 2015
Jan 12, 2009
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Phoenix, AZ, USA
Pimpin' ain't easy

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Ultra Member, from Phoenix, AZ, USA

ECF Veteran
Terraphon was last seen:
Mar 29, 2015
    1. Cuando
      Terraphon, you are the one who got me into these things back in '08. I've been back and forth with them, but finally feel like the prices and the technology are at a place where I can feel comfortable making the switch completely. I want to thank you for a little post on a little gaming website so many years ago. It's taken time, but I realize now I had to WANT to quit smoking to vape successfully, and I'm so there now. Hope all is well in your world.
    2. souporvapor
      if username change is possible
      I'd llike to change mine to
      (not only a great pun but that dammmm liquid keeps me wondering... is this 'soup' or vapor?

      thx and keeeep kewl
    3. Terraphon
      no worries :)
    4. Jules22871
      Thanks for deleting that post so fast. I appreciate it.
    5. Terraphon
      No, I haven't tried any of their stuff. For "tobacco" flavor, I haven't had many and, to be honest, can't remember which I preferred. :/
    6. pspin69
      Hey Terra,

      Just curious if you have tried the Luxvapor juices? I recently got the tobacco sampler and was very impressed. I was wondering also if you have tried it do you prefer another tobacco juice from another company?
    7. AmandaBrown
      :lol:got some great juice from the " kick juice 'great juice some michigan based site and the hilton from great ****also ....not big on the tot wikd juice thought id let you know
    8. Terraphon
      You're welcome :) I'm glad I could help. No, I haven't tried coconut form anyone...I don't particularly care for the flavor of coconuts (though I LOVE the smell) so I wouldn't be particularly apt to order a coconut flavored liquid. If I was to get some sent to me as part of a review package I would try it but otherwise there's little chance.
    9. snubber
      been going through your reviews and just want to say thanks. I haven't been vapeing long and am still trying to find my flavor niche? Anyway, your reviews have been a big help and I'm kinda leaning toward e-smokey treats as my main liquid supplier. I've bought two kits from Phil (one 801 one 901) and they are both great. Phil has a great attitude toward customer service so I trust him for my products. And now with your vids I think I've found where to get some good juice. Thanks again...keep up the good work. ps. have you tried any coconut from anyone? one of my favorite flavors.
    10. Terraphon
      hmmm...not sure I got a pm from you, no.

      Send another?
    11. Lemonade727
      Dis be Muffin Man from the TXB forums. Did you get my PM about some of those questions? Maybe I should have just made it a new thread topic, but oh well.
    12. Terraphon
      I have no issue at all with you using that quote. It's not a professional opinion and has no scientific backing, of course, but you're more than welcome to use it on your site.
    13. stephenrowley
      Can we use this " The electronic cigarette is intended as an alternative to smoking tobacco. Preliminary tests indicate that many of the harmful substances that are a part of tobacco smoke are not present in the vapor produced by the electronic cigarette. While we can not claim, at this time, that they are a safe alternative we do know that the vapor is devoid of tar, carbon monoxide, and many other harmful ingredients."

      Its a great

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    Phoenix, AZ, USA
    Pimpin' ain't easy


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