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Sep 6, 2016
Nov 16, 2010
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Sep 6, 2016
    1. jamvector
      Mucho thanks man; I briefly checked out their sub forum, will do some more investigation when I get time soon. Think I will start with a cheap kit so I can try several of their components; as you probably were, I am heavy into V4L hardware, and don't want to abandon everything (lots of chargers, batts, cool carts, drip tips, etc...). Really appreciate your help, saw your post over on V4L, and remembered you as a fellow recipient of snobbish condescending put-downs from the "great wintery one" :)
    2. jamvector
      Thanks for responding; I am a V4L cool cart fan, so was locked on to the 2.6-2.8 ohm CE2-X carts, but of course, they're sold out. Which batts are you speaking of? Are they the 2180 may i510 style? Also, do they sell an adapter so I can use my old V4L cool carts with them?

      Last time I posted was in April on your thread in fact, so sick of the BS on that board, and now getting really frustrated with V4L products - much higher defect rate than in past years.

      Thanks again, really appreciate the help.
    3. jamvector
      Hey tesla, mind sharing your advice on options besides V4L? I was a pretty loyal customer, but would appreciate a straight path to a better supplier if you're willing to help
    4. Glam
      Appreciate it if you let me know if you find a good juice--and I'll let you know also. No, the tax is 8.75% and then the $6 shipping, so that makes V4L one of the more expensive companies for me. But when they run a good sale, then it is ok. The tax goes to pay for all the corruption in this state. We know we are a joke to the rest of the country, but who can correct it? Certainly not the corrupt government. That is why I always urge everyone to not vote democrat or republican--but this country is full of sheep. They all ..... about it, but when it comes to voting, they vote same ol', same ol'. Keep me posted on your e juice search.
    5. teslastick
      If you not American don't talk to me. K?
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