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May 30, 2012
Oct 18, 2011
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Home Page:
St. George, UT USA

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Resting In Peace, from St. George, UT USA

ThatJoeGuy was last seen:
May 30, 2012
    1. Shilo
      You will be missed buddy
    2. count3
      Thank you so MUCH!!
    3. AcePilot
      Thanks, I enjoy making others jealous of my sweet 'stache :p
    4. AcePilot
      I know there are LOTS of us here, but very few that participate on the forum. Wish there were more!
    5. sandybeach
      Heheh, thanks. I asked someone to take a picture of me vaping last night, so I could use it for my avatar :)
    6. sandybeach
      Merry Christmas, Joe :)
    7. mg7454
      Hey Joe!
      Long time!
      Hope you and yours have a Blessed & Merry Christmas!
    8. tsweetwater
      hey there Joe, you are a very cool dude. Joe here PIF 'd me a 5vlt box mod, Can't waiy to get it, happy holidays Joe!
    9. AmandaMarie
      Yes!! I am very happy! cloud 9! :vapor:
    10. mg7454
      Hey! It's That Joe Guy!
      Ha Ha, no make that Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas time!
      Visit us on deejStuff's thread. We have so much fun there! You'll like it too! :D
    11. holly123
      thanks for adding me , i hope accepted it lol not sure what im doing yet!
    12. monnie788
      Thanks for the like Joe - sure, use your profile pic - looks better than a lot of avatars I've seen! Take care!
    13. SummerDawn
    14. mg7454
      Hello there Joe!
      Haven't heard from you.
      What's going on?

      Talk to you again soon, I hope!
      Drop by deejStuff's thread, part 2 sometime!
      We have fun!
    15. MegaBee
      I want to use my profile pic for my avatar do you think I could get away with it? LOL
    16. mg7454
      Hello there, Joe!
      Thanks for the friendship!
      It seems I've been catching a lot of flack fish around here!
      I've changed my Avatar, thought it may warn them off!!! Ha! Ha!
      Check me out!

      Unfortunately, I haven't been fishing for a while, I've been taking care of an elderly lady for 18 months (who did pass away; but I did make an incredible improvement in her quality of life while I was with her) and now I am studying to be a medical transcription/editor while working at a big medical center.

      I've caught more big game fish than most gals (or guys for that matter!). I learned from the very best, people who had sport-fishing boats in their families for generations! I loved it, but it was hard work, also the best 17 years of my life!

      Hope you get to go fishing/catching soon. Good luck when you do!
      Thanks for your friendship. It means a lot to me!
      Bye for now.
    17. mg7454
      Hello there, ThatJoeGuy!

      Thanks for the like!

      Hope you have a good day!
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  • About

    Home Page:
    St. George, UT USA
    Facebook user ID:
    Started smoking in high school, continued through the military, as a musician, as a computer guy. Stopped when I became a dad, but picked it back up again after a divorce. Now happily beginning my vaping experience!

    I've found that I tend to prefer tobacco flavors, particularly the caramel and nutty kind. Also the less-sweet and fruity bakery types. Was really hoping to like the sweet and fruity, and I may still but I just haven't found any yet that 'do it for me'. Not into menthol at all, but do like an occasional 'cool hit'.

    When I first started getting into vaping, I wanted EVERYTHING. Now, I'd really just like to simplify. I currently have 2 ePower PVs (one black, one brushed steel) and a little white VV box MOD. I find that my 'sweet spot tends to reside in the 3.7v-4.5v range, and would just like to have a couple PVs that provide that. A Silver Bullet and a ProVari (or maybe just the new LavaTube), and I think I'd be set.

    Starting to get into DIY, and have had more misses than hits, but as of yet I've only tried about 4 different flavor combinations. I'll get there!

    Cooking, vaping, sleeping, eating, watching tv, being a dad. :eek:P


    Yahoo! Messenger:


    Yellow Silver Bullet - ProVari Mini - WraithVV - VZ-VV (Lavatube) - 5v WOW
    VTube Mini - iVape VariStack - SD KeyRing - eGo PT & 650mAh eGo
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