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Jun 21, 2013
May 13, 2012
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Benton, Louisiana
Land Surveyor

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Senior Member, from Benton, Louisiana

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Jun 21, 2013
    1. dragonbone
    2. Badmotorfinger
    3. Tezcatlipoca
      Thanks! Glad you found it useful, friend!
    4. Tezcatlipoca
      The Bulli just can't be beat, but you have to be willing to spend some $$$ and wait a while for it to arrive from Germany. Rebuilds on the coil and wick cost about $.20 a piece, so it will probably pay for itself in a year or so. I'm enjoying that eGo-Twist so far, too. I just wish it came with a passthru option, but that may come with time.
      Everything here is fairly durable and can be easily slipped into a pocket for vaping on the go, which suits my lifestyle pretty well. It's fairly hassle-free, which allows me to focus on the flavors of the juice that I'm vaping. So I guess to answer your question, this appears to be the ideal eGo set-up for me, but time will tell on those Visions. So far, thumbs up!

      This was a great idea for a thread, too! I'm slightly peeved that they moved it.

      Best wishes,

    5. Tezcatlipoca
      In all fairness, I haven't really put the Stardusts through their paces, but I like them pretty well so far. Aesthetically, a friend of mine said that they have a sort of 19th century medical device look to them, which I think is spot on! The flavor and vapor production are great, and they're easy to fill for a tank (no syringe necessary). I use them exclusively for a few juices that I only want a puff or two of now and then but don't a whole eGo tank of. I did have one die suddenly, which was a little distressing, but this juice was a natural tobacco extract, which are known atty killers. I love natural tobacco juices but they wreak havoc on eGo-C attys, and that's what led me to try the Visions and the Bulli A2-TM to begin with. My other Visions have been working fine, though. I'm mostly a compulsive flavor-changer and shudder at the idea of an "all-day vape," so the eGo-C and Bulli work perfectly for me.
    6. Tezcatlipoca

      I'm going to have send this in a few messages to say I would have posted there's a 1000-word limit in these messages, apparently. I'm not exactly sure why they moved your thread, and now I'm not able to post a reply for some reason, but I thought I'd respond to what you said anyway. You wrote:

      "Any complaints with stardust? How long could I expect these submerged cartos to last? I noticed plenty mention those. I'm starting to spiral ever deeper into the flavor realm as well. Could that be an ideal set up?"
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    Benton, Louisiana
    Land Surveyor
    Proud husband and father of two beautiful daughters

    My family, occupation, vaping, listening to and writing music, grilling


    Forever means all is not seen. Never means forever brings everything.
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