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Oct 29, 2016
Apr 14, 2012
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North of NorCal

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Ultra Member, from North of NorCal

Verified Member ECF Veteran
Thompson was last seen:
Oct 29, 2016
    1. Rocketpunk
      Have you seen a show called Final 24? It's a reality docu-drama that recounts the final 24 hours of famous people. They did an hour-long Final 24 on Hunter last night.
    2. Baditude
      Can't really go wrong with a Phiniac. I wasn't able to download your images for whatever reason. :blink:
    3. Baditude
      Just got my AGA T yesterday. I checked to see if my Phiniac tube would fit. Sorry, no go. :( The Phiniac tube's outer diameter is too wide to fit inside the AGA's top cone.

      I can see why the Hoosier Vape vendor said that their AGA glass replacement would fit their Bella tank now, as those caps fit INSIDE of the glass tube.

      I bet Phiniac would custom sandblast a design on a tube that you sent them. Worth an inquiry?
    4. Baditude
      Yeah, I'll be the first to say that I like easy. Give me something that works right out of the box. I guess I'm looking for every shortcut that I can find. Hense the ceramic wicks. Not only looks easy because it's already the right diameter, but the medium should be perfect.

      I also heard something about aquarium airstone tubes? I used to keep aquariums, so I know what those are. :laugh:
    5. Baditude
      I can envision myself wrapping a coil, but making a steel mesh wick looks challenging. I was considering getting some string wicks with the coil already made just for my first experience. Any ideas on those? Also looking forward to getting my hands on some ceramic wicks..that sounds very interesting.
    6. Baditude
      What design are you interested in sandblasting? I was thinking of possibly getting one of the textured tanks since I already have a tank sandblasted (if they truly match up...yet to be confirmed).
    7. Baditude
      You have both a Provari and rebuildables already, right? Do I need to get a multimeter for my RBA or can I use the Provari? I don't want to do harm tomy Provari, and I heard that it can error message like crazy.

      I just don't want to plunk down $20 for a piece of equipment I might not need. I think I'm planning on using the AGA on my Silver Bullet. Any suggestions?
    8. Baditude
      My AGA should arrive either tomorrow or the next day. I can see if my Phiniac tube fits at that time.

      If it does fit, this is the tube mine is: clear naked tank is what Phiniac calls it. Mine is a 45mm length tube, which Phiniac calls their XL-v2. The colored tubes will NOT fit, as they are a wider diameter than the clear.

      Not sure if the XL or standard tube will fit the AGA, depends upon the AGA's innards.
    9. williebb123
      good to see ya there mr thompson hope things are well , ive been killing my self with these ice dams on the roof , ive beat the hell outa my gutters had to replace 1 side today finally got enough of the ice off so i could put on the heating cables on the roof what a job. im right next to black bute so i think we got a total of 4ft be glad when spring gets here. i seen you like to garden we need to hook up this spring during planting im a big gardener maybe we can do some plant swaps or something , i got a new toy for xmas AC9 rebuildable from vapinaze best gen ever ill let you give it a try its bad ... give me a holler some time
    10. williebb123
      ive gotten some funny looks around town but nobody says a word , been wanting to find a vape meet close by , i know they have 1 in santa rosa but who wants to drive that far hell if i go through all that might as well go to vegas lol
    11. williebb123
      state of jefferson just up the road from me , yeah vapors are far and few inbetween in are area theres a new site you can check out VaporSearchUSA click on any state and will show online and b&m shops if there were more of us around here i would open a shop here in Mt Shasta all we got here are a bunch of bums and hippies lol
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  • About

    North of NorCal
    Started Smoking: Age 16
    Quit: Mid - Late March 2012
    Started Vaping: April 2012

    SD Keyring - 4/5/12
    JT eGo-T 650 PT - 4/12/12
    JT eGo-C 650 Twist - 5/9/12
    JT eGo-C 1000 Twist - 11/2/12
    Provari V2 Satin Black (Blem) - 11/15/12


    Delivery Systems:

    Vivi Nova - Bamboo Wick & Kanthal 32awg
    AGA-T v1.5 - #500 SS Mesh & Kanthal 30awg
    A7 x2 - Bamboo Wick & Kanthal 32awg



    AW IMR

    Tenergy TN270


    Waiting On:

    CVI V1 (black, 350 & 650 tubes)

    Caravela #814
    -18500 Tube - SS Brushed x1
    -18650 Tube - SS Brushed x1
    -Top Cap - SS Brushed x1
    -Button - SS Polished x1
    -Locking Ring - Brass Polished x1
    -SN Ring - Brass Polished x1
    -Drip Tip - SS Brushed x1

    Panasonic CGR18650CH x2


    Started DIY: 1/15/13

    Bubblegum - 70pg 24mg
    Mimosa - 50pg 18mg
    GJ - 30pg 18mg
    Orange Mint - 50pg 18mg
    Peach Belini - 60vg 18mg

    Photography, disc golf, movies & TV, beer & brewing, e-cigs & DIY, gardening


    ^check out my half-!%$ed blog^​
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