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Jul 17, 2016
Dec 21, 2011
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Panama City, FL

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Jul 17, 2016
    1. starr1349
      Thanks for the like and Happy New Years :)
    2. Goblue
      Thanks for the like. Wanted to let you know that I am from South Bend Indiana and can't wait to watch the Tide Roll all over Notre Dame!!!
    3. kiwivap
      Merry Christmas Tidegirl!

    4. kiwivap
      Congrats on 1 year! Bet that feels very good to have achieved. :thumbs:
    5. gavind4
      Congrats. on the Year!!! Awesome! I hope I can list that at some point. Watch out for Robin931 sometimes she spits when she talks. Best wishes.
    6. wv2win
      Thank you for the "likes". It's much appreciated.:)
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    Panama City, FL
    I have been smoking 1 ppd for 24 years. I have, like everyone else, made countless attempts to quit with every gimmick- uh, I mean assistance program- known to man. Well, almost every one. I have not tried hypnosis or Chantix. I think that is all. I lost my mom to lung cancer in 2005 and still have not been able to quit. You would think that would motivate a girl, right? I had really given up on ever being able to quit.

    So one morning I was watching a bit of tv before bed (vampire here. AKA night sift worker) and I see a commercial for the local vape shop. I had seen it before but I guess never really watched it, because I noticed all the little bottles lined up on the shelf. That was the first time it occurred to me that there may be flavors for them, other than some disgusting tobacco imitation. So off I went to check it out and soon I was the proud new owner of 2 ego Ts, a charger, some extra tips, some ejuice, and a new obsession.

    I am lucky in many ways to have a local shop. Without their commercial, I never would have investigated this whole alternative. Because I found quality stuff, I didn't get sucked in to one of those cheap disposables or the "free" trial that is warned about here. I was able to try the pv first. Had I not liked it, I could have tried others. And I can try all the ejuices I want before I buy. And since I am the ultimate procrastinator, the only time I have to worry about running out of supplies is non-business hours. I did pay a little more for my kit than I would have online, but it was very much worth it to be able to try it out first.

    So since vaping takes care off my physical addiction to nic and and all the mental addictions that always are my downfall in quitting, I am really feeling good about this. I have been determined before. I have even been confident. Now for the first time in about 15 years, I am actually- dare I say it?- optimistic!!! I am still smoking occasionally, but that is soon to be done for good.
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