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Mar 2, 2011
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Vaping Master, from soCal

Verified Member ECF Veteran
    1. HolaAmigos
      Happy New Year!!

    2. HolaAmigos
      Have yourself a Safe and a Wonderful Holiday!!

    3. dragonbone
    4. tierrataz
      Soma, so happy it arrive safe & sound. Vape Happy! :)
    5. somasky
      Hi Tierrataz!

      I just want to say a really big thanks for your help! We are really happy now(Pega and me)!
      Our package arrived today!
      Thank you for everything!
      Wish you the very best!

      Kind regards, Soma
    6. tierrataz
      Tuesday the 6th. ;-)
    7. Hearts2412
      [​IMG]Hey sweetie {{{{{hugs}}}}}

      You really made my day when I saw your message!!!!! :) Did they happen to tell you how many day's that it would take to get here? I'm so very excited!!!!!!? It was really nice talking to you last night, maybe we can do it again soon. It seems as though you can write me pm's and regular messages and that I can only writer messages, haha! :) Take care and have a great weekend! !!!!!

      {{{{{{{{Big Hugs}}}}}}}} Hearts xoxoxoxoxoxo
    8. Hearts2412
      Hi Taz {{{{{Hugs}}}}}

      I'm very sorry for the loss of your friend and I know how it feels, but your friend will always be remembered in your heart.
      You keep saying that my messages aren't coming through. When would you like to do this trade? Let me know. I have been getting your pm's, since you haven't been receiving mine, why don't you just pm me with your phone number, what do you think about that?

      {{{{{{{{BIG BEAR HUGS}}}}}}}} Hearts
    9. Hearts2412
      Hey Taz {{{{{Hugs}}}}}

      Have you thought about how you would like to go about going to do this trade? BTW, two days ago I won a Mini SS Apollo VTube Kit from thee mega Apollo ECigs Contest!!!!! YAY!!!! HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY!!!!!! Keep on:vapor:
    10. tearose50
      For your ECV vet turning day -- 365 days on ECF!

    11. unsure
    12. unsure
    13. tierrataz
    14. nerak
    15. emonty
      Hi Debi,

      quick question, did you put laquer on the Acacia or was it like that when you bought it?
    16. tierrataz
      Thanks, got 2 and another at the PO today. I'm golden;-)
    17. Delilah718
      Hi TierraTaz, just a note to let you know there is a Reo Sale tonight at 7p -- not Friday... I guess due to the holiday. But if you meant you ordered last Friday, then please disregard this message LOL :)
    18. kelleymcm
      I love your dog comment !! too true !
      & Egypt ?? how cool is that ?
      Are ya there doing something FUN??
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    Handle every Stressful situation like a dog. If you can't eat it or play with it, Pee on it and walk away.
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