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Sep 14, 2021 at 9:37 PM
Aug 30, 2012
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Dec 24, 1956 (Age: 64)
Tripple digits half way to home
Mod/Tech and Assistant Manager at a local vape sho

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Vaping Master, 64, from Tripple digits half way to home

Verified Member ECF Veteran
tnt56 was last seen:
Sep 14, 2021 at 9:37 PM
    1. Vapoor eyes er
      Vapoor eyes er
      Merry Christmas and have a Safe Holiday and Wishing the Very Best to You in the New Year My Good Friend

    2. Vapoor eyes er
      Vapoor eyes er
      Hi :D :D :D :D :D :D
      Take care my good friend
    3. steved5600
      Well I heard back on my CT scan. NO CANCER but I do have spots i think he called them glass spots ??? I asked if I needed anything and he said no. WOHOOOO.
    4. steved5600
      Oh yea. Been in for 3 years. We vape in corners and between the smoking area outside and the building. No smoking inside. But Vaping is allowed we just don't do it much and do stealth vapes in the meeting. We vape on the couch in the lobby. So far no complaints but we will keep vapor clouds from ever happening. LOL
    5. steved5600
      New for me is my circle I got in AA and Dallas since I moved back from San Antonio. Not excluding the one's on here. LOL
    6. steved5600
      I know how you feel I'm felling better now but November and December I was on a breathing/coughing roller coaster. I have a cough anyway but it gets worse in the winter. I was seriously considering quitting vaping. But when I stop I still cough so it seamed pointless. Just got a VW APV by Vision. Love it. Only flaw I see is there is no button light. Will use some of the batteries I use in the provari. In my circle of friends we now have over 6 folks that have switched to vaping.
    7. steved5600
      Glad your new job is going well. It's always nice to help someone. Nobody who does not have a problem like this can relate as well. Vet's relate to other Vet's and so on and so on. Just got a Vision VW in and it is really nice. No doing the calculating to figure watts and no change needed when you change atty's. Have a good one.
    8. Kopfstimmen
      Hey Bro, doing great!! Glad to hear that you like the WTA. Never got a buzz from it myself before, but everyone's different, I guess. Regardless, I hope it does the thing to tip the scales in your favor. You can do it - we're all rooting for you - especially me, since I have a vested interest... :)
    9. fourthrok
      Doing good! Sorry I missed you earlier. Went to bed but just woke up and decided to check ECF will probably be going back to sleep now though. How are you? Things going okay?
    10. steved5600
      Yea. Doing OK waiting on my doctor to give me the verdict. But it's out of my control. Just trusting in God and what ever will be will be. How is the new job. I found out that in my circle of friends that one works part time for a Vape store.
    11. Los Marauder
      Los Marauder
      Thanks for the like partner. Happy hollidays.
    12. Kopfstimmen
      Happy belated birthday, and merry Christmas! Wish you the best for the new year, bro... :)
    13. Caridwen
      Happy Birthday! Hope it was a good one.
    14. dragonbone
    15. classwife
    16. Baditude
      Thank you so much, T. I will think of you in my prayers, God bless. Have a restful and peaceful holidays.
    17. steved5600
      Thank you. When do you start the new job. Just thought of a big pos on your new job. You can vape at work without worry. LOL
      Got the battery replaced today and am getting my computer restored. LOL. Waiting for a warm day to fix the siding.
      Take care.
    18. steved5600
      I was wanting to give out a Christmas wish/blessing/greeting. Something special and found this today and it touched my heart and wanted to pass it on. I take no credit for it I'm just passing it on.
      While this mentions a particular faith the idea I feel is universal. It's called
      Emptiness, Troubled Times and Christmas
      Here is a link: Emptiness, Troubled Times and Christmas «

      In the spirit of the movie "Pass it on" think of the math of this type of Christmas gift.
      God bless and Pass it on. 26 x26 x infinity
    19. Los Marauder
      Los Marauder
      Thanks for the link. Saddly I use kr808d1 rather than the 510 everyone else does. I won't be able to get much, but will order a few drip tips ect. at the new year. I will leave a great note about you also. Thanks for the smile today, and thanks for always paying it forward with your posts. I always know I'm gonna smile when ever I see that red Beemer on the page. Have a great holliday. Only one more 8 hour shift.:toast:
    20. steved5600
      Amen to that. Had the Car batt die in a car, siding come off the house and a computer meltdown all in one week. Been off of it for almost 5 days doing a very long recovery of it had to reset it to startup and reload. Now I know why I retired for I.T. biz. Still have hours left before I get it back.
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    Dec 24, 1956 (Age: 64)
    Tripple digits half way to home
    Mod/Tech and Assistant Manager at a local vape sho
    Just being me. Like it or not. I am who I am.
    In case of Emergency please contact Classwife. She has my personal information.

    Doing my job and love my motorcycle almost as much as I do my girl


    Started vaping on 09/05/2012
    If I stumble and fall, I will get back up. I will never ever give up!
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