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Dec 4, 2021
Aug 22, 2010
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Kauai, Hawaii

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PV Masher, from Kauai, Hawaii

Verified Member ECF Veteran
ukeman was last seen:
Dec 4, 2021
    1. Atlantisboy
    2. HolaAmigos
      Happy New Year!!

    3. dragonbone
    4. HolaAmigos
      Happy Holidays to you and yours!!!

    5. HolaAmigos
      Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours :)

    6. dragonbone
      Welcome! Thanks to you too Ukeman :).
    7. dragonbone
    8. HolaAmigos
      Happy Halloween, have a safe one my friend!!

    9. HolaAmigos
      Happy 4th of July :)

    10. cw007
      Thanks For all Your help.
    11. delabs
      Hi, thanks for the info do you think he will mind if I pm him? Some people don't like pm's from someone they dont know.

      I never heard of a mini lab mine are suppose to be small at 60-70 lbs. That's awesome mine love to swim too
    12. delabs
      Hi, your dog caught my eye when I was going through forum. Precious!! I have 2 black labs and they are really great dogs. Love them to death!!
      I have also been to Hawaii. It is beautiful.
      Anyway it looks like you do alot of your own mixing. I just got a bunch of PA flavors, some flavor art and some lorans. I'm afraid I'll screw something up and I don't know where to begin. How do you mix the DK tab? Do you use it as a a base flavor? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    13. MITRICH
      Awesome! Glad you got it all up and running!
      Enjoy and let me know if there is anything I can help with!
      Thanks again!
    14. MITRICH
      Hey there,
      Just checking in and hope that the o-rings will come in any day now!
    15. turnforward
    16. jimho
      right now, I'm digging something I call Key Lime Pie--
      to 8ml of my pre-mix base, I add
      1ml of PA - Key Lime
      1ml of equal parts of
      - Boston Cream
      - Malted Milk
      - Vanilla Bean
      I'll top it off with a few drops of Lorann's Tart and Sour or PA Dolce de Leche

      I've played a bit with Hypnotic Myst adding cherry, chocolate and vanilla for when I want more of a tobbaco flavor... and PA has a flavor called koolada which is great for menthol
      I've toyed with variations on chocolate almond, chocolate mint, chocolate malted, chocolate chery ...
      Also mixed up some good strawberry, pomagranite, raspberry and various berry combinations-

      Also liked FA's Granny Smith Apple-

      I can't seem to find a good grape recipee -

      The cool thing is once you get close on ratios, you usually can tweak even a bad juice to be acceptable...
      I try to mix 2.5ml at a time when I'm screwing around so I don't waste too much.... the trick for that is getting a 5ml graduated cylinder.
    17. jimho
      part 2

      For storage, I dilute to 50mg/ml and put it in 30ml glass jars in the freezer... I take them out one at a time and then dilute it down more to 100 ml of what I call pre-mix - which lasts about 3 weeks - stays on the kitchen counter in a 90ml plastic squeeze bottle.... its all set with the right amount of pg/vg and nic for me to mix in flavor using 4 parts pre-mix to 1 part flavor..... btw, I count the flavor as PG in the ratio - most flavor comes in PG solution.
      RE Flavors- I have Perfumers Apprentice, Flavour Arts, and Loranne flavorings- with a few exceptions, my favorite is Perfumer's Apprentice.
      To give you an idea on price, my total cost, not including glass and storage ware, with a good assortment of 30-40 base flavors, was $286. I have enough nic to go till July- maybe August, enough vg/pg to go another 10-12 months, and enough flavor for another 2 years at least.....

      Ask me about storage bottles and glassware..... shipping is a .....
    18. jimho
      re- mixicology.....
      Part 1

      Best off line on this...
      essential wholesalers for VG and PG- I bought 2 16 oz containers (32 oz) of each in August- still on the first pair with about 20% left in each.
      Glycerin, Vegetable
      Propylene Glycol

      NIC is a bit tougher- I bought with co-ops- 90ml in VG and 90ml in PG - both 100mg/ml- I got a great deal on both co-ops around $10 for each 30ml bottle. I would suggest you look for 120ml or 250ml of it to save alot of $. unless you want to go 100%VG (which is real hard given most flavors are in PG), I would recommend buying nic in PG because it's easier to measure.....
    19. typocinnamongrl
      Hey! Thanks for accepting me request! :) VB is the best!!
    20. HzG8rGrl
      Let us know that you are ok.
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