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Jul 12, 2016
Mar 4, 2010
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Vaping Master, from Calif

Verified Member ECF Veteran
Uma was last seen:
Jul 12, 2016
    1. ~Sue~Feb2012
      I like your common sense posts:)
    2. classwife
    3. Uma
      Merry Christmas Holidays to all!!
    4. patkin
      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Uma.

    5. Vapoor eyes er
      Vapoor eyes er
      Merry Christmas and have a Safe Holiday

    6. Sundodger
      Thanks for commenting in the WI State Journal article!
    7. NiNi
      I've had Arabs since I was 8, showed until I was 17, rode and trained many other breeds, from Shetlands to Percherons, but Arabs have my heart! I also have my 22 year old Arab stallion, Zubaz, have had him since his dam gave birth. I've been fortunate that the Arabs that have been born, or found their way to my home, have lived long, and many saw 30 before they passed. Zubaz has sired over 29 foals, none of which I ever held on to. I was hoping to have one out of Kissie, but she has aborted 2 breedings, 1 at 5 months, and the other at just a few weeks. I don't think the previous owners vaccinated her like they said, and will be giving her a rhino vac before breeding again...but sometimes it just takes a few times. Got her back in May after we had to put our old Percheron down, so Kissie may just be still settling in. Seems a year on the property and the mares take, so I'm crossing my fingers that it happens! :)
    8. NiNi
      That's Kissie, or "Passin' Kisses" my Arab mare, she's a sweetheart! :)
    9. Delilah718
    10. patkin
      Happy Thanksgiving Uma.:)
    11. wv2win
      Uma, thank you for the "likes". Your common sense posts are always appreciated in these type of threads.
    12. wv2win
      Thank you for the "likes" Uma. I am just astounded at how some of these new members who supposedly vape think it's OK to ban/restrict vaping because some believe it looks like smoking. This is right out of the ANTZ's mouths. It's disheartening to read that level of absurdity on ECF.
    13. Delilah718
      Stopping by to wish you & yours the peace & blessings of the season....
      and a very happy new year [​IMG]
    14. j4mmin42
      I'm currently on the east coast for the holidays- but I'll be back in town next year.

      Happy holidays!
    15. dragonbone
    16. Delilah718
      A shower of holiday blessings to you and yours :wub:

    17. ericoahu
      My favorite color is purple. I think we have something in common. :)
    18. classwife
      Ohhhh !! Thank you so much Uma !!!
    19. Delilah718
      Thanks Uma, I hope your 4th was fabulous
      Have a great 4th weekend! :D
    20. nerak
      You have a wonderful 4th of July evening sweetie!

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  • About

    I'm a Granny who rides a Grissly

    trying out various eLiquids


    UNITED WE STAND... divided we fall.
    Join & protect your right to vape​
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