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Vap Khymyst
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Sep 29, 2015
Apr 26, 2010
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April 24

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Vap Khymyst

Senior Member, from Alabama

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Vap Khymyst was last seen:
Sep 29, 2015
    1. GreenEyes14
      I have 11 wicks, just email your address, and I will send them to you.
    2. dam718
      My AGA-T+ video was exactly the second wick I've made... I have made about 20 coils though on the first wick... Yeah, I'm still pretty fresh with the whole RBA thing. :) I guess I read a lot... Hehe
    3. SammyT
      Vap Khymyst! Alabama Vapes has a new subforum here : Alabama Vapes. We hope to see you there!
    4. breaktru
      Hey Kurt, glad to see we have a group of Chemists on board the ECF.
    5. Kurt
      Khymyst, I am a PhD chemist...actually the PhD was defended two Fridays ago. I have been an academic chemist for many years though. Pretty much all forms. MS in p-chem, MS in organic synthesis. My specialty is p-chem and chemical physics, computational, but organic chemistry often pays the bills better.

      Other chemists here: DVap and Exogenesis.
      Good vendors: electronic ash, cignot, MyFreedonSmokes for unflavored high-nic juice for DIY. Many others. The vendors we like all have their own forums on the home page. Stay away from sites that equate carts with number of analogs, give free trial PVs...definite ripoff red flags.
      The DIY forum has mad info on all things DIY, from recipes to storage tips.
      If you are a chemist, welcome aboard! Learn and teach. We need more chemists here for sure.
      BTW, this is not a PM. Its a visitor message, and is public. PM is private.
      Good to meet you! Cheers! Kurt
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    April 24


    3 Bolts 2 VAMOs Sabre Touch kicked eVic ProVari Silver Bullet REO VV Grand Lavatube v1
    AGA-T2 (x2) ZAP Terminator-C RSST(x2) Reomizer Reomizer 2
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