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Oct 31, 2019
Nov 13, 2009
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Monroe, WA

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Ultra Member, from Monroe, WA

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Vape360 was last seen:
Oct 31, 2019
    1. Black Forest guy
      Black Forest guy
      Hi, i´m co founder of a new vaping magazine in Germany. One of my co editors wants to do a review of your Kabuki atomizer. Could you provide an mail adress for direct contact in the US and/or Germany?
      Nebelkrähe - Die Zeitschrift für E-Dampfer and the download versions at NK Download - Nebelkrähe
      tunilumpi(at) or Barbara directly under elmaba(at)

      Thanks a lot, Rainer
    2. Lemwise
      Hi Vape,
      I placed the order on the 13th and it's a midnight blue.
    3. Garibaldi
      So the Procyon is 1-2 week now to get a satin one? :(
    4. WillyZee
      Hi 360 ... please check ticket #63976. That's the one I'm trying to add my P3 update to.
    5. mbolack
      How do I PM you concerning beta feedback? I'd really like it to be private.
    6. CountSmackula
      Sorry to post here, but I can't PM you...
      Hate to sound like a cheapskate, but will the current sale prices be in effect when the labor day coupon is active? I know a $10-12 discount isn't much, but being able to buy an extra batt would be a plus.

      Thanks in advance!
    7. CcaT
      Curious, Does ProVape have a brick and mortar storefront or are you Internet only? Monroe isn't too far away and there doesn't seem to be any vape shops in the north sound area.
    8. Mattk
      Hi I would like to get the spider end cap will that work on mini? Just ordered one and would like to add it to order but already checked out, what should I do? Matt
    9. *ASH*
      as cant msg you , what the best price can get for Gold V2 ?
    10. meeems
      Hey guys, I lost my email contacts, so email me a test email so i can add you back on my email and tell you what i think of the provari mini.
      Its Meems here, thanks guys!

    11. Kay1959
      I just ordered my first ProVape-1 this morning, and it's already in the mail!:D
      Now that's what I call service! Anyway, I've got this on order, and I have some
      5 volt passthroughs...My question is this...what ohm cartomizer should I use with this ProVape-1?
      I hear so many say different things here, that it gets kind of confusing.:blush:
      I like the dual coil cartomizers, so if that makes a difference, let me know. Also, is there a particular
      ohm that I could use on both my new ProVape-1 AND my 5 volt? That would save alot of
      confusion on my part, if there is a cartomizer out there that I can use for both SAFELY.
      Thanks for any help you may have to offer.
    12. Pharein
      Hi Vape360,

      Any idea when the store is getting more Provari Power 2500's in?
    13. Skyway
      Is there any chances of expanding on how people pay on your site? I was wanting to put the provari on my amex card or I could transfer from amex to paypal. Either of these going to be an option in the future?
    14. WhoDunIt
      Hi Vape360
      I noticed you deleted a sticky thread where you were looking for suppliers. I run a store in Australia - JuiceWhore E-Liquid E-Juice - (Powered by CubeCart) and was interested in perhaps carrying the Provari her in Oz.
      If you are interested would you mind coming back to me on email -
    15. cybercop
      Hello--thinking seriously about investing in a ProVape. One question:can I vape KR808 cartos on it? What kind of adapter would I need? Thanks...
    16. PriestSLC
      Hi David, I have been considering getting a PV1 and in speaking with Sojourner, she said that you may have a promo or coupon code for new orders.

      I was thinking of getting the ProVape-1 Starter Kit - Color, with the AW batteries for the 510 atty.

      Also I was considering looking for a 5v option for vaping and wondered if you offered anything in the 5v realm yet.

      Thank you.

      Alex J. Aka PriestSLC
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