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Vapoor eyes er
Last Activity:
Jan 29, 2015
Sep 13, 2011
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Toronto, Ont.

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Vapoor eyes er

ECF Guru, from Toronto, Ont.

ECF Veteran
Vapoor eyes er was last seen:
Jan 29, 2015
      I hope and pray your ok, Dan. All ECF misses you and wants, if possible, you back- I'd ask for a 6 figure contract :laugh: Your worth every penny!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Best Wishes Forever
    2. Ryedan
      Hope all is well with you Dan.

      Peace and god bless.
    3. Chrissie
      Bless you my friend, just had a lot to deal with in real life & it will be ongoing for quite a few months. It's not all bad, but very tiring :)

    4. The Ministry
      The Ministry
      I'm great (even though Newcastle United just got thrashed 4-0 at home to Tottenham!!) Grr

      All the better for seeing you back - that's for sure :)
    5. The Ministry
      The Ministry
      Great to see you back, sharing the awesome wisdom to ECF.

      Hope you are well :)
    6. meanckz
      Thank you so very much for the laugh and the touching words. Long story short I will be back but have decided to take a short hiatus.
      Thank you sincerely for the kind's people such as you that are the mainstay of ECF

      HA! ... I knew you couldn't leave us for good :D
      until soon
      be happy
    7. meanckz
      well there, really sad to see you go, always enjoyed your posts...
      anyway, I hope you miss us sooooo much, that eventually you'll just have to come back
      until then ... keep up the good vape ... and if you quit vaping ... just be happy :D
      we'll miss you
      1. zoiDman likes this.
    8. The Ministry
      The Ministry
      Goodbye Vapoor eyes er - was good knowing you!

      Take care of yourself mate :)
    9. r77r7r
      Goodbye, Sir. Sincerely my pleasure getting to know you some, and a Great honor having you here.
    10. Robino1
      I wish you wouldn't leave :(
      Please just think about taking a little break! Please?!?
    11. daleron
    12. Vapoor eyes er
      Vapoor eyes er
      Just to let anyone that comes roamin' round here wondering why :confused: me and my lil' furry friend are leaving ECF it's really not important. What is of far greater importance is that I want you all to know I truly and sincerely am so very grateful and appreciative of the many friendships I've made here....something I hold very high in life. I am not one to forget all you good friends that have so enriched my life in the last 29 months and it would be an understatement to say I will miss you all so very much. Know that you will always be near to my heart and in my Prayers.
      Furry guy has helped me with some of the above and is also gonna miss "all the good folk". Lil' guy's so broken up he's vaping 50 mg Peanutz Peppermint :shock:
      Cheers, keep up the good fight, may all your dreams come true and again it was truly a Gift from God getting to know you all.
      Sincerely, Dan
    13. Randall.K
      Please don't leave! We need you around here :)

      If so, have a happy long life :)

      Take care mate.

    14. The Ministry
      The Ministry
      Hi there - just checking everything is ok, not seen you around in a few days!
    15. EddieAdams
      Hope your holidays treated you kindly Vapoor. Sorry, I've been using Tapatalk and it really doesn't display everything. Like visitor messages, likes received...lacks in a lot of areas but, is easy. Thank you...
    16. Australe
      I'm really hoping to NOT end up being a collector, which is part of the reason I'm really trying to find something I'm going to be happy with from the beginning to the end. If I could combine a provari mini that is exactly what I want (ie color/led display/topper) with my current setup I feel that I can be totally happy and go back to buying juice like its going out of style :)
      I considered getting the starter kit from provari, but I'm not diggin the PT2 that comes with it (due to airflow issues) and also plan to go with the charger you recommended to me. Considering going with an Aerotank for the Provari mini. I like the fact that I can still use the coils for my MPT2 if I want to, if not the coils aren't much more expensive than what I'm currently using. Main thing is I'd like to stick with a glass tank.
    17. Vapoor eyes er
    18. Australe
      Great! Thank you! Thats actually pretty reasonable priced too... I was wanting something that could charge different sized batteries since I think my hubby is going to be moving up to a mod here soon as well. Loving this spinner / mpt2 setup too. I really appreciate the help and advice you've given to me on my journey.
      I was considering looking into a zmax mini, lately I'm wondering if I shouldn't just take the plunge and go with a provari mini 2.5, thoughts? I see you had a provari but then sold it?
    19. Australe
      What was that charger setup for mod batteries I see you recommending quite a bit?
    20. Australe
      No need to be sorry ;) I totally agree though... I'll find something when the time is right. I saw that one on ebay earlier and noticed the price increase. I found the same thing when looking for my rainbow spinner. People raising the price sky high because its pretty. Its borderline criminal! :)
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