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Oct 3, 2020
Sep 9, 2011
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Housewife, Gardener, Landscaper, Taxi Driver, Cons

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Full Member, from Texas

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Now I am thinking its something in my newest eliquid '555' causing atomizer failure :-/ frustrated May 4, 2015

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Oct 3, 2020
    1. Vaporlass
      Now I am thinking its something in my newest eliquid '555' causing atomizer failure :-/ frustrated
    2. Vaporlass
      Irritated at my new Provari 3, my Nautilus atomizers are only lasting one or two days!
    3. Vaporlass
      Thank you. Will read - I have noticed if I get away from forum reading I tend to smoke more anslogs rather than vape. I have to make time to read so I stop digressing! :-( I will try one of those contests too...I am sure that will help! Its a different world and for me it is challenging to give up my friend-foe analog and embrace my vaper instead. :) especially since I tend to cough if I vape any tobacco flavor mix. I do fine on sweets and Im losing weight :) lol. I love sweets and vaping them seems to curb my cravings...but I dont really need to lose weight -I need to Stop Smoking! It should help maintain my weight however when I stop analogs completely :) thats an added benefit I suppose :) Anyway thanks for the tips and support. I really appreciate it! I just have to set my mind on stopping analogs completely and stop riding the fence. :)
    4. kelleymcm
      oh & btw you little feathery family is too cute !

      & another good thread to check often ...contests nothing keeps your thoughts off cigs as well as a rousing contest !!! @least for me :lol: + you can win vaping goodies !!
    5. kelleymcm
      Have you read the Little old lady thread It is a GREAT READ , she is SO funny !! It is a huge thread but very inspiring ....she also writes blogs *note these run in descending order (@least for me) so you may need to go to the end to start with the 1st one.

      hope you got to sleep some ...that is my biggest issue (now @ 1year off cigs ) SLEEP, I can NOT sleep when I am supposed to! IE;night time :lol: I can sleep all day just fine ! :facepalm:
    6. kelleymcm
      hi again , sorry you are getting frustrated , but it kinda come with the experience . And YES coming to the forum and reading is a GREAT Help ...there are some great Groups here that are fun to interact with ...the PIF group has pretty funny people in it . check out the chit chattin' away thread and there is a chat room & someone is usually there . The Womens room group are very wonderful people also.
    7. kelleymcm
      HI !! Waving south to ya' !!!
      Just wanted to welcome you to ECF !

      And offer my help if you need any just PM me
      or you can just post in the forum & someone will chime in .
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    Housewife, Gardener, Landscaper, Taxi Driver, Cons
    A born and raised East Texan that went and married a damn Yankee-who happens to be the love of my life! Two children 31 and 29 and still scared to talk back to me. Six g-babies that are the joy of my life and the reason why I am switching to Vaping! Two Great Pyrenees Ben and Lily who will probably be having puppies in the next year or so and my four Geese -Gabby & Tickles I have had since they hatched and the last two I got when they were about a month old and my husband insists on calling 'Thanksgiving and Christmas' so I had to name them Faith and Hope :)

    Reading & Writing, Gardening and Gbabies


    "How we define our self, our relationships, situations, and issues will determine our successes or our failures in life." JKR
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