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Mar 18, 2017
Apr 7, 2009
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Springfield, VA
CASAA Board of Directors

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CASAA Activist, from Springfield, VA

ECF Veteran
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Mar 18, 2017
    1. classwife
    2. Anjaffm
      I just love the work that you do, and your wonderful comments under so many stupid anti-e-cig "articles" in the media. Thank you! You rock!
    3. Vocalek
      Merry Christmas to all, and wishes for a healthy and prosperous New Year.
    4. dragonbone
    5. Berylanna
      Thanks! (My PM crossed your "like" in the ether.....)
    6. dragonbone
      Thanks Vocalek :).
    7. dragonbone
    8. ~Sue~Feb2012
      Thanks for all your hard work! :)
    9. EddardinWinter
      Hey Vocalek, I am in Richmond. Is that close enough to DC? I would love to participate in DC survey! My email is
    10. hallucinoJEN
      Hi, I noticed you live in Virginia, and would like to add you as a friend, so maybe, if we can get a meet up set up, I can meet other vapers in VA. I live in the west end of Richmond, and have not seen any vapers in the "wild." It's nice to know that I'm not the only person in VA who vapes.

    11. Sissylala
      Thanks for all that you do for us!
    12. classwife
    13. LeAnn
      I just love to read your comments here on the forum, I love to support CASAA! I want to spread the word that e-cigs are saving my life so my family won't spend most of their lives smoking analogs and feel like I did after smoking for 45 yrs. I want to be your friend so I can promote this cause to support legalizing e-cigs! I would like to see them in every gas station and grocery store in the world!
    14. Nova Sphere
      Nova Sphere
      Hi Vocalek, first off let me say I am in total admiration for the work you do and Thank You! I went to the CASAA site to become a supporting member, however, I could find no paypal ability there. I sent a message to the people there, and I still have not received a response. I am an expat living in South Africa, and would love to help in my small way. When you have time, if you can help, please, point me in the right direction. Warm Regards, Nova
    15. sqirl1
      so you're the vice president of CASAA, what do YOU think about the likelihood of this tax bull**** passing? Bill seems optimistic about this thing but everybody else thinks we're screwed, who would you agree with?
    16. TinyTimberGal
      Thanks! Nice to meet you! You do good work here. :)
    17. renatortb
      You are fantastic!! I'm happy to have people like you in this cause... =)
    18. Stosh
      In one of your many posts, blogs or letters to <knucklehead in charge>, not usre which, I noticed you said

      "On March 27, I will have been smoke-free for two years."

      CONGRATULATIONS!! and many more years of happy vaping. :)
    19. GreyfoxofTymberhaven
      I can ask them again but, i questioned him at length when it came up months ago. I will however return and ask agian now that it's been a few months. He looked kinda shellshocked the last time, also a little unclear as to what governmental/corporate entity he was being fined by (YIKES!) to begin with. No specific retail ban, It's just with a few scare tactics and news stories nobody's willing to stock anything.
    20. Fudgeman
      I just read your post on my thread regarding my issues with getting extremely tired and sleepy when vaping. I so very much appreciate your insight into the ADD thing as well. very much!! just wanted to say thanks more personally than in my public reply.

      : )
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    Home Page:
    Springfield, VA
    CASAA Board of Directors
    Grandmother of 7

    Bowling, Dancing, Reading



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