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Jul 26, 2013
Jun 1, 2011
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Btown, ID

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Super Member, from Btown, ID

ECF Veteran
WalksWithWiFi was last seen:
Jul 26, 2013
    1. Chookychuck
      Is the new Deux Ex Human Revolution any good & is it playable on a pc, i loved the old Deux Ex.
    2. SummerDawn
    3. SummerDawn
    4. SummerDawn
      ;) You don't have to tell me. But thanks for the reminder.

      There just doesn't happen to be any 'E-Cig Mods Anonymous' in Wyoming. >.>
    5. SummerDawn
      Patient? I wish. I'm sure in two weeks I'll be singing a different tune. I ordered a Sweet Vape too, and there's usually several of those pre-made, so that's going to be shipped out mid-week. And that one's for the boyfriend... It's a surprise. :x

      Looks like me and my little MV VV box mod will stay close for another month or so. Oh bother.
    6. SummerDawn
      Oh yay. PV pr0n. <3 I can't wait to have some of that for myself. My GRIP could take over a month to get here, but I'm sure it'll be worth it. >.>
    7. SummerDawn
      Very nice. I can't wait for my vvf GRIP to get here.. I'll share pics. Have pics of your Buzz?
    8. SummerDawn
      Yeah I just saw the one at Jollyrifficmods. It's almost twice as much there, but I suppose that's the price you pay for getting one that works and isn't covered in epoxy.

      Vapezilla From Ecigmods - YouTube <-- A review someone did for the "Vapezilla", which sells. Eeek.
    9. SummerDawn
      Eeek. You were so right. o_O I'll look for that snazzy passthru elsewhere.
    10. SummerDawn
      I feel ya, brother. So I placed my order for my VV's today. Two from

      A VV Power GRIP Feeder (Mods), and a VV Sweet Vape ( to tide me over because the Feeder's going to take about a month to make. After a long process of deliberation, it felt good to put in the order. :D

      Have your Buzz yet? I'm itchin to hear your review. Still debating on getting myself a purple one.

      Btw, I think I might have found one of the coolest passthrus... Ever. It's 5V and... Yeah, tell me what you think. NES Controller Mod - 5V Passthru (No Batteries Required) [nes5vpt] - $29.75 :, Cumming, Georgia
    11. SummerDawn
      Dorito joke didn't fail. I giggled. :D
    12. Monster74
      Howdy doody fellow nut ball ;)

      Im good. Vaping hmmmmm think I maybe should increase Nic content I swear the thing never leaves my hand :p

      Hope your well???

    13. wv2win
      Thanks for the "like". It always concerns me that posts are made that appear to be "all encompassing" when the poster has only tried one or two ways of vaping. It can leave the impression that there are limited options.
    14. SummerDawn
      Damn.... I forgot about the Doritos. :facepalm:
    15. SummerDawn
      I figure NZ is going to be one of the last "safe" places when it hits the fan. Assuming I don't have to go completely anarcho before then. :D

      When is your Buzz supposed to arrive?
    16. SummerDawn
      I'm right there with you, on the whole conspiracy meter bit. I'm working on getting New Zealand citizenship as soon as I get my degree. :glare:

      I think the Darwin is going to be my next move. I'd agree with you that it seems more user-friendly in general. I love tube mods and all, but this is going to be my baby. The reviews are out of sight. And if for some reason sometime down the line I feel like a ProVari would make a useful addition, there's loads of people on the classy's looking to trade theirs for a Darwin. :laugh: I'm sure I'll just end up purchasing one, though.

      The Saber Touch is lovely. Her name is Delilah. :blink: I keep it at home and even invested in some polish, per Jen's suggestion. It's twice as awesome since I got a Vape-O-Matic Liquinator. Definitely a great 3.7v mod, I just wish it was regulated like the E-Power.

      Stoked for your Buzz Pro, I assume? I would be too. I need to get me one of the purples one of these days.
    17. WalksWithWiFi
      put in the right place editing job
    18. SummerDawn
      Kudos to you. I kind of feel like we all survived the zombie apocalypse. @_@

      I saw you ordered your Buzz Pro - congrats to ye. I got myself a little VV box mod from MadVapes to tide myself over, but I think I've made a final, educated decision on my first "good" VV. :D

      Any thoughts on the Darwin?
    19. SummerDawn
      Did you experience ECF withdrawal this morning/last night? I sure did... >.>
    20. SummerDawn
      I just like the Mark-V because it's VV and snazzy-lookin'. :D Btw, if I'm not mistaken, you don't live too far from me.
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    Home Page:
    Btown, ID
    I 'wake up' in the morning, altogether far too early. I stumble towards the coffee pot to brew some coffee, half awakened and without identity. Drinking the elixir of life i find purpose. I then waste most my day shooting people on Xbox live instead of being productive.

    art, vaping, gaming, anime, stuff


    -loving having a local vendor-
    Rockin a StarDust on my
    Buzz Pro # 368
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