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Jan 20, 2015
Mar 3, 2009
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May 18
Baton Rouge, LA
I'm retired from the Air Force. Degreets in Compu

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Ultra Member, from Baton Rouge, LA

ECF Veteran
Walrus was last seen:
Jan 20, 2015
    1. Genova
      Are you still making juices? I see that you haven't been on in quite a while. I just ran across your old DIY juice making post.
    2. bdRICKYbd
      happy birthday coolest looking guy on ecf
    3. Grammie
      Happy Birthday!!
    4. Uncle Pennybags
      Uncle Pennybags
      Hey Walrus, just wanted to stop by and say I've seen some of you vids on YT. Might you know where I can find USP PG in a offline store? Thanks
    5. Up In Vapor
      Up In Vapor
      Hey Walrus, thanks for the add. Totally jealous of your stash in that pic...I now know who to call in a pinch, LOL. I'm ex Air Force too BTW "Off We Go......."
    6. fatalis
      Wow. What a small world! ;) Check out my sig *lol*
    7. buttercrunch
      I'd love to try your e-juice, please send info!
    8. Vaughanie
      Actually, although I know you now have ethical problems so this it too late, as a sometime shallow fashionista, I think a bit of 24 ct bling expelled from Haphaeston's derriere would compliment the rather exotic jewelry hanging from your beard when vaped <g>.
    9. LoneRanger
      How did you get your picture 2 change color? Mine is animated but I get a warning that system will not accept
    10. youtubecommercial
      Hi Walrus was wondering if you had anymore juice for sale? can you send me a list of what is available Please 0m nic :) I would be very interested in purchasing a few the flavors sound yummy :)
    11. brialeeanna20
      hey i want to buy some flavoring? there not loranna are they
    12. Faethe
      Can I be in your group? I've been making snu juice with some success, meaning it works :p I have a blog here where I keep my notes on how to make it. But I have no idea how to flavor anything :p
    13. Cancer
      Congrats on your Moderator position Walrus! I always liked your sense of humor,intelligence and ability to give advice on just about anything. I think it was a "Great Idea" to have you help get this forum running better. Congrats!
    14. tescela
      Hi Walrus!

      Do you have any suggestions on what Lorann candy oil flavor(s) I should use if I am trying to duplicate PureSmoker's "Energee" juice (which is no longer available)? I've heard the taste is similar to the "Red Bull" juice available on some other sites, but I don't know what Red Bull (the juice OR the drink) tastes like.

      I'd appreciate any insight you might be able to share.


      - tescela
    15. needvapor
      saw your review on on an rn4072 ecigar and now I want one..LOL
      Can you drip on these? I saw the vapor and heard throat hit awesome...where did you buy yours?
      Also do you still have milk dud available? I need to get this one ordered.. =)
    16. BrenYngOne
      Hi Walrus, I need some help with DIY liquid, thought Id ask the wizard himself...... I want to try some of Bickfords flavors that Lorannes does not offer for mixing and am a bit confused, lorannes is listed as Candy Oils,..... I was told to use Bickfords water soluble flavoring.... problem is the Bickford flavors I want to try are the oil based,,, was I misinformed? ... why would Lorannes oil based be OK, and Bickfords oil based not OK???? Am I missing something here?
    17. Ladycats
      Happy Birthday Walrus !!!
    18. laynies
      Happy Birthday Walrus!
    19. ThreeDogDad
      Happy Birthday
    20. ThreeDogDad
      Happy Birthday
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  • About

    May 18
    Baton Rouge, LA
    I'm retired from the Air Force. Degreets in Compu
    I'm retired and have way too much time on my hands.

    I'm a musician and a DJ. I read constantly, and am a perpetual student. Motorcycle 'enthusiast'.


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