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Feb 28, 2021
Apr 25, 2010
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July 23
North Carolina, US

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ECF Live Chat Manager, from North Carolina, US

Senior Moderator Verified Member ECF Veteran
Warped3k was last seen:
Feb 28, 2021
    1. Manda_B
    2. Manda_B
      What's up with chat? It's been down cpl days or more.
    3. classwife
    4. classwife
    5. TxTunesLady
      I just wanted to say, I cam across your recipes for your note to self, and I must say, THANK YOU, because it seems like the flavors/recipes you have mixed are what I enjoy as well, so thank you for making it simple for your notes to yourself :)
    6. BethInMichigan
      Hi was vaping back in 2010 and just started back with an ego-t type B which I like when it wicks correctly. What do you suggest that works the best to top of an ego?
    7. classwife
    8. CLASH
      Checking in On Ya! Hope All Is Well, Love Ya Mang!
    9. LordJ
    10. crashinbrn
      hey man.....i recieved a new game for christmas. EVE online. yea it's been around for years. but my grand-son gave it to me. came with 34 days free so i signed up, and i am really enjoying flying around blowing up space ships.

      crash's EVE online i been posting up screenshots.

      IF you are interested, i could send you an invite......trials get 14 free days.
      let me know.
    11. classwife
    12. Vitolo
      Sending the message to you privately!
    13. classwife
    14. crashinbrn
      hey man, i leveled my main to 85....that was fun.

      i was excited at first, but after a few normal runs in various instances i realized how behind the curve i am.
      i'll wait for diablo. been waiting for that for years. atm i am not playing any games. hehe sometimes i get on wolfenstein just to blow things up.
      (if you would like a copy, i'll be happy to upload a zipped game on my site.) it's fairly small in today's terms.

      i have some good personal news for me, i am training for a manager position in the parts department. I work for a Honda dealership. that is taking alot of my time too so gaming in general is on hold for the moment. the Honda dealership has a sister Acura dealership, the Acura store received 200 Thor sneak peak movie tickets because Acura was a sponsor. good movie, next Captain America!!!
    15. JoeD4
      Hey bud!

      had to let you know. i ordered a 1000mAh eGo batt and a couple of 1.5 ohm LR atty's. Hopefully the results will reflect my new avatar! lol

    16. JoeD4
      You going to be on chat tonight? I was planning on making a night of it.....stopping at the beer store first, though. lol
    17. j0ker
    18. crashinbrn
      it has been a little while..i signed up today..i DO have a toon on malganis.....horde, uncrash is the name. level 10 atm
      still dont have cataclysm yet.....but i need to level first.
    19. crashinbrn
      been trying to login at Blizz. just to check in. i wont be able to get it just yet. /sigh.

      but i am working on it
    20. crashinbrn
      i do want to, i have had a dream of flying into ironforge on MY mount.
      what server are you on? lightbringer for me mostly
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    July 23
    North Carolina, US


    I'm really just a bot
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