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Mar 29, 2017
Feb 10, 2009
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GA by way of WV
President - Home Inspection Company

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ECF Guru, from GA by way of WV

ECF Veteran
wv2win was last seen:
Mar 29, 2017
    1. Sirius
      You're very welcome. I really like it when someone tries to inform the uninformed. Way to many people these days just go with the flow. It will lead to the further rotting of society and and the rights of "We The People" if things are not changed for the better politically.
    2. NathanielFT
      No problem at all I fully hear ya pal, they are doing the FDA's work for them by volunteering vaping restrictions, pressing on other vapers to abide by them, and trying very hard to attach the smoking stigma to vaping, so destructive and damn well annoying! From my experience these vapers have a bigger issue with vaping then even non-smokers who seem to be more curious then anything, and have the attitude 'well it's at least better then smoking' - which is a start i guess. Curing hypocrisy is probably up there on the difficulty scale between curing the common cold and curing stupid lol
    3. Sundodger
      Believe me, I wouldn't hit "like" if I didn't like it! I just can't believe people don't understand the underlying cause of much of the turmoil in this country. Chip away a little here and there, until everything is under total control. We would never have the country we have today under those circumstances. I guess that's why they do it a little at a time, if they tried to do it all at once the feces would hit the air oscillator.
      VAPE ON!
    4. EleanorR
      :D Some people only learn when hit across the forehead by a two x four. Let's hope for the REST of us that it never comes to that! :lol:
    5. CabinetGuyScott
      Absolutely my pleasure!

      I believe that particular conversation has had impact - not necessarily on the direct participants, but I'm confident the lurkers are reading and absorbing the exchange!

      I've seen some evidence of influencing lurkers with the vaping in public thread, and think the line-in-the-sand is so clear with the stinkbags 'party' in this thread is high-value opportunity!

      We all just need to keep up the engagement! :)
    6. Sundodger
      Looks like you got "retired" for a bit, LOL. I know they want to keep it civil and trying to separate politics from this issue just isn't going to be easy considering it's the pols creating this mess. One big difference I see between right/left is that when a right pol screws up we tend to not defend them, while the left defends no matter the subject. I know right here in WI we have a Republican State Rep that introduced a bad bill against vaping. I've gone after him in threads, I will not defend him no matter his party. He's also retiring and not running again so now his true colors seem to be flying. If he was still going to run and promoted this bill, I'd still be on his .... like zoomies on a nuke worker.
      Have a good day.
    7. sdennislee
      No problem, I like to support those fighting the good fight
    8. Bill's Magic Vapor
      Bill's Magic Vapor
      You are welcome, and on the right side of the issue, imho. In his inaugural address, John Kennedy said "Let us not negotiate out of fear. But, let us never fear to negotiate." A lot of folks fall into "Groupthink," and forget that we are a huge collection of individuals, each with individual rights of expression, freedom, and the pursuit of vaping. There is never just one way, or "my way," and concessions to the opposition now never translate into accommodation later on. You give 'em an inch, and they think they're a ruler. Just sayin'...
      1. Caro123 likes this.
    9. Linden
      I can't help it that I tend to agree with you a lot! Great minds think alike ;)
    10. Vapoor eyes er
      Vapoor eyes er
      LOLLLL and Thank You my good friend for a good ole Christmas Greeting :thumbs:
    11. Vapoor eyes er
      Vapoor eyes er
      Merry Christmas and have a Safe Holiday

    12. Linden
      ^^ you and I agree on many things =D
    13. jpargana
      You're welcome !!
      I do like your posts... you do have a good head on your shoulders...

    14. withoutanyname
      You're wellcome. :)
    15. celticluvr
      You're welcome!:toast: :)
    16. Tbaggerr
      Yeah that guy was kind of being a tool. I can tell he took some argumentative writing classes and was good at it but he was mixing up peoples words and taking them out of context. I think you made some good points and I will be keeping an eye on the vape shop in the future. Hope our efforts will convince them to change their advertizing approach.
    17. StormFinch
      You're very welcome. I try to call em like I see em and you and I definitely tend to think along the same vein. :)
    18. lauragal
      You're welcome, and thanks! I'm right there with you regarding Obama and his administration, and the hypocrisy of far left liberals wanting socialized medicine, yet wanting ecigs/vaping banned. Sorry, but what bunch of ......! I'm so frustrated with the government and the fact that they are getting more and more involved in our personal lives. I plan to keep vaping come hell or high water. I need to get on the ball though and buy some nicotine and DIY stuff. I really hope that most of this is hype and that vaping will not go away, but I must be prepared!
    19. Ryedan
      You are very welcome wv2win, you deserved every one :thumb:. Vape on :smokie:
    20. Fulgurant
      Appreciate the kind words, WV. The feeling's mutual :)

      (I think I mis-replied to this before. Still getting the hang of some of the forum's features.)
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    GA by way of WV
    President - Home Inspection Company
    West Virginia native; WVU Fan; Wheeling Jesuit University graduate

    My daughters; good jazz music; football; my animals (dogs & cats); SPCA local animal rescue


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