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Mar 29, 2017
Feb 10, 2009
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GA by way of WV
President - Home Inspection Company

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ECF Guru, from GA by way of WV

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Mar 29, 2017
    1. Vapoor eyes er
      Vapoor eyes er
      Hi my good friend. Your inbox is full so I can't send a pm.
      Have a great weekend.
    2. Uma
      I completely agree with you. Hopefully they'll see the manure they've been smothered in all this time, shower it off and get busy learning the facts from the real Dr.s, scientists, and professors. Even some of the political people are awesome, like Chris Davies, Nigel Farage and so on. Hopefully they're for real, and not ANTZ plants. Plants need a lot of pruning before they can even fit in the shower!
    3. zoiDman
      No Problem wv2win.

      We seem to Clash on most things. Not sure why but it Is what it Is. But on this issue I think we are Both in Complete Agreement.

      Nobody, Especially CW, deservers the kind of Treatment that CW has received from that Coward Kevin.
    4. Linden
      You are very welcome! I like it when people talk sense and stand up for their rights!
    5. Bill's Magic Vapor
      Bill's Magic Vapor
      Like your posts. Thoughtful, helpful, measured and informative. I also happen to agree with your POV. Just wanted to stop by and say "hello." See ya on the forum.
    6. ricks
      I can't believe how some people think. We are NOT smokers and should not be restricted to where we vape. As far as I'm concerned, Vaping is 100% SAFE and we need to show and tell the public how great and safe it is. Thanks for your "Likes" also.
    7. e-pipeman
      No problem :)
    8. Susiejo
      You're welcome. I too, get a bit irritated when people spout the same rhetoric that others are using to place vaping in the same boat as smoking. There are people who only want to control everything others do and that is just wrong.
    9. Vapoor eyes er
      Vapoor eyes er
      Surpassed you :confused: Never ever gonna happen my good friend. Glad to hear you're throwing your business to Janty. I'm glad you enjoyed the vid and if you remember please thank Ludo, for me, for changing the world of vaping. It's just so CRIMINAL what JT has done in regards to theft of others inventions. I know of someone who's relative worked in a JT factory...basically slave labor with the most horrible of conditions...maybe that's why I'm so anti JT + the theft of other people's designs.
      Cheers my good friend.
    10. Vapoor eyes er
      Vapoor eyes er
      Thank you for the Likes. I just had to thank you for reco'ing the Vamo. I saw lottsa n00bs pumping it and was unsure until I saw you gave it a thumbs up. Thank you so very much...Vets such as yourself have been such an inspiration and source of GREAT no BS info :thumbs:
      ECF should have something setup to honor and recognize valued members such as yourself IMHO.
    11. SharonMM
      The "likes" are well deserved, my friend! I completely agree with you. Keep up the good work! Give 'em hell, lol.
    12. mattiem
      You are so very welcome. You made some very valid points. Seemed like a few of the folks couldn't or just wouldn't get what you were saying.
    13. chalton36
      Hi sorry i didnt see your message until today, I was amazed at the response to the topic, it was somthing i wanted people to think about as you say our right to vape could be taken away at anytime, the more people who join the beter.
      I would ask the topic to become a sticky but no idea who or were to ask as it would be great for new vapers to read, UNDERSTAND AND JOIN ;-) thanks again for your message ;-)
    14. jenmurray116
      You are most welcome - your post was spot on!! I'm new and don't know as much as the others trying to get through to some what's at stake, but going into vaping, I already knew the FDA was hot to cause trouble for e-cig users - I was probably on the board for a day and a half before I joined CASAA - I wish all members would. It's going to be important for the whole community to get involved!
    15. dragonbone
    16. KeysBum
      Hello my friend.
    17. dragonbone
      Welcome! Thanks to you too!
    18. dragonbone
    19. Vapoor eyes er
      Vapoor eyes er
      You're welcome and thank you for the like. I'm so glad when a seasoned Vet such as yourself comes by to reaffirm the fact that no nic= no TH. A few weeks ago someone actually got really angry at me for explaining this ...fact is fact and even though I look 45 the fact is I'm still 60 yrs YOUNG :D Take care and have a great and safe weekend- gotta dig down 6' of clay in my dug well at the cottage this weekend...keeps me honest
    20. frosting
      You're welcome! Everyone needs to relax a bit sometimes.... be reminded you need to share your opinion like a nice little boy or girl from time to time lol It can be hard but it can be done!
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    GA by way of WV
    President - Home Inspection Company
    West Virginia native; WVU Fan; Wheeling Jesuit University graduate

    My daughters; good jazz music; football; my animals (dogs & cats); SPCA local animal rescue