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Mar 29, 2017
Feb 10, 2009
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GA by way of WV
President - Home Inspection Company

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ECF Guru, from GA by way of WV

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Mar 29, 2017
    1. JENerationX
      I "like" most of your posts. I just forget to click "like" a lot. LOL

      I forget which one I actually clicked, but it was probably one of those "common sense that should be common knowledge" type things. :)
    2. Stosh
      "I'm for the government and I'm here to help you" is another way of saying "run for the hills, and hide" the n00bs will learn, we just need to keep posting.....use the biggest, weirdest, least cigarette like PV whenever you're going to be in the public's eye
    3. Oriana871
      My pleasure!
    4. Rimau
      Thanks, checked out the e-power at madvapes. I like the idea of being able to change batts. I always wondered about when the ego dies, then I thought I might see if the internal batt could be replaced, but now I think it is not worth the trouble and am looking at the kgo or the e-power. I like the fact that you can charge the batt seperate, and just have to carry around charged batts instead of the whole casing.
    5. Rimau
      I looked at the lavatube and had the same concerns as you. I like the size of the ego batts and the versatility. It is just that someone said they bought a vv ego that was exactly the same as an ego batt but had selectable vv settings. What about the ego-c? Not vv, but has newer tech that the old ego. Thing is I use mostly an ego-t setup with it's tank or a ce-2, ce-3, or ce-4 (stardust). I was thinking of going with an ego-c A type as I have tons of stuff like tanks for the ego-t A type. ALthough the EVO looks nice, I am liking the kgo more, but batts like the PrecisePlus is way too expensive just for a batt.
    6. Rimau
      Figured since I am following you aroung the forums today I'd just say "hi". Thanks for the like. Ever heard of a vv ego? sounds interesting but couldn't find a vendor. I'll keep looking. If not will look at the Kgo.
    7. jun0felix
      hi there... my dog Louis (my avatar) is a chinese breed... just kiddin' :D
    8. misterkai
      You're welcome! Your comment deserved it!
    9. hairball
      You're welcome and right. I still go into that section but seems like there are a couple of people who seem to start trouble. I'm sure you know who they are. It's all I can do not to let them have it but not worth it to me to get banned.
    10. frosting
      That's what i was thinking too!!! No problem :) It just seems so damn fishy me....
    11. BiffRocko
      No problemlo. We think alike on a lot of topics it seems. I often go to answer a question only to find that you've already provided the answer I was going to give. :)
    12. Vapoor eyes er
      Vapoor eyes er
      And Thank You for the "like" my very good friend. Actually much of what I've learned has come from you. Thank you kindly.
    13. mg7454
      Without trials and tribulations,
      we would not value our Blessings...
      ...count your Blessings & have a Blessed Day!
    14. mg7454
      God Blessed West Virginia!
    15. MickeyRat
      No biggie. I don't get the fixation with proprietary batts. I'll help out now and then. :)
    16. Poppie
      No problem. I totally agree with your post. :)
    17. Envithyx
      Well worded on an excellent point you made. Reinforces the other aspects to consider. :)
    18. Iffy
      Likewise, my friend!

      Besides, that was a good suggestion 'bout uppin' da nic.
    19. Jammin
      You are welcome for the "likes". Your posts were very on point! :)
    20. Mr. SandMan
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    GA by way of WV
    President - Home Inspection Company
    West Virginia native; WVU Fan; Wheeling Jesuit University graduate

    My daughters; good jazz music; football; my animals (dogs & cats); SPCA local animal rescue